Camp amends telecom law to ‘positive discrimination’ to allow

Camp amends telecom law to ‘positive discrimination’ to allow

Minister Henk Kamp (Economic Affairs) retrieves a ban on positive price discrimination ” for internet traffic from the telecommunications Act.

The ban on ‘zero-rating’) held that the providers of certain types of internet traffic should not exempt of cost. For example, it was not allowed to use a certain video or music service outside of a mobile data bundle to run.

Recently introduced European rules are on this point, however, is less severe than an earlier Dutch law. A judge therefore recently that T-Mobile are datavrije muziekbundel, in which all forms of music streaming out of the data bundle to walk, should continue to offer.

As a result of this ruling, writes minister Kamp in response to questions from SP-Member of parliament Maarten Hijink that he is the telecommunications Act will adjust to the ban on zero-rating to delete.

He says to respect that the Authority Consumer & Market (ACM) decided not to appeal against the judgment in T-Mobile case. However, he emphasizes that the ACM is still investigating whether the muziekbundel of T-Mobile for other reasons could be incompatible with the European netneutraliteitsregels.


Hijink find it a pity that the ACM does not appeal, and that therefore a change in the law is needed. “That is bad news because the door is open for other providers to zero-rating-services to come,” says the SP.

“One user is going to so pay for data for others in a kind of all-you-can-eat package is offered. That form of price discrimination is in the long-term unfavorable because the one customer give priority to the other.”

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