Cameron Mathison, shares a health update, middle of the kidney cancer battle: ‘It’s very, very good news

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Cameron Mathison was from the surgery and on the mend.

As the co-host of “the Family” it turned out that he was “very good news” after undergoing an operation last week in his fight against kidney cancer.

Mathison, told ABC News in a statement on Thursday, “We will have the pathology report yesterday, and it was very, very good news.”


“It’s the least aggressive form of kidney cancer… [with a] very, very low rate of returning,” he added. The statement explained that the doctors were able to remove the tumor completely and he is left with 80% of his right kidney.

He took to social media immediately after the surgery and posted a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed, while in the hands of his two children Leila, 13, and Luke, 16.


“It’s feeling loved and supported by my family and friends, including each and everyone one of you,” he captioned the photo. “I am overwhelmed and so grateful for all the support, comments and prayers. The surgery went very well. The tumor is gone, and I even got to keep 80% of my body. We are all very optimistic about this. To keep you up to date. So thankful for all of you.”

Days later, he posted a photograph that featured him, at home, surrounded by all the ‘Get well soon’ cards and fowers.

“How very, very grateful to be back home after a successful partial nephrectomy for the surgical procedure. It was an eventful 4 days in the hospital and is doing well at home,” he wrote. “@inderbirgillmd, it is a miracle, and my entire family is indebted to him and to everyone at @keckmedofusc. A big thank you to everyone sending prayers, positive thoughts, flowers, cards, hugs, food, love… and good. Love to all of you.”

The 50-year-old revealed on Instagram at the beginning of September, he was diagnosed about a month ago, after an MRI scan had been done for “some of the bowel problems and the doctors found a tumor on his right kidney.


“It is in keeping with a renal cell carcinoma. … or renal cancer,” Mathison said. “The good news is that it does not spread to other organs in the body. They say that my healthy life style and the food has without a doubt been instrumental in growing and spreading to other areas as well, such as, doctors believe that, it’s still in me for at least 10 years.”

The former “All My Children” star went on to say that he was “very happy” to see that the doctors found it early, and thanks to all the people around him, for their love and support.”

Fox News Mariah Haas contributed to this story.

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