Cambridge Analytica dismissed as overpriced and of little value to the Republicans

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Trump’s campaign-connected Cambridge Analytica harvest Facebook user info?

A former Cambridge Analytica employees claimed to be harvested, the company, the information of 50 million Facebook users. The company, best known for his work on Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign, used the data to create psychological profiles, so that voters can be systematically addressed, with ads and stories.

Despite what the digital world is saying about Cambridge Analytica online influence, political analysts say that the data mining company was overpriced and overhyped, while it promises to be under-supplied, it could win the safe choice.

News this week that the company earlier mountains of data mined by Facebook to develop profiles of the American voters to give then-candidate Donald Trump has an advantage over his rival sent shock waves through the digital and political worlds.

Company bosses were on film bragging about a shady online-back channels, and propaganda-tools noted to help Trump back up in 2016 to win the White house.

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie also came forward to detail how to collect the company exploited allegedly the personal data Facebook with 50 million unsuspecting users.

Fear and speculation starts and somewhere in the mix, Cambridge Analytica went from a cleverly marketed data-analysis company to a digital Svengali in the position, an overview of election results in the United States and abroad.

But in spite of his notorious reputation in the digital world, many political insiders say, Cambridge Analytica fell short of what it promised customers it could do. In addition, failing to be promoted on the digital sophisticated warfare, a candidate in a landslide victory over the other.

“They told me they had to sell was more advanced than anything I had ever seen before,” GOP strategist Mike Murphy of The Los Angeles Times told.

Murphy Cambridge Analytica officials met at the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, says that the company is to deal with the pitch, “psychological profiling,” uses complex algorithms to the interests of millions of voters and then tailor digital ads to persuade them that it was in agreement or thinking in a certain way is nothing more than empty promises.

“They were just throwing jargon.” he told the paper, adding that the company also claims that it did top-secret work for the military.

In addition, bill, managing director of Cambridge Analytica Political Global, the Turn has also been made into a film, says the company uses the proxy organizations to peddle negative material about other candidates on social media.

“We are set to see just the information in the blood stream in the internet, and then it will grow, give it a little push and watch now and again in the course of time, they take shape,” he said. “And so, the stuff penetrates in the online community and expanded, but without the branding, so it is unattributable, untrackable.”

But Luke Thompson, vice president for policy and advocacy at the GOP-Analytics-company Applecart, who says promises would actually buy in Cambridge Analytica, did so, based on “absurd assumptions, and leaps of faith.”

Instead, Thompson told The Los Angeles Times that several clients are logged in to cozy up to the firm’s billionaire donor, Robert Mercer.

To test in the year 2013, Mercer, a partnership with a British company called SCL-group, the analytical findings and methodology in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Republican Ken Cuccinelli lost. However, Mercer’s partnership with SCL elections director Alex ended up to create Nix, Cambridge Analytica, which uses SCL dataset and the lessons learned in the Cuccinelli race, to tweak your model. The company is the first major victory of the Brexit vote overseas. It was also claimed responsibility for Trump in 2016 will win if political insiders have pushed back on this assertion.

Rick Tyler, campaign communications director for the 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, also expressed skepticism about the company.

“Cambridge came, and they had this whole idea, that was very interesting, to psycho-graphic data and how it might be used,” Tyler, Business Insider said. “I’m still not convinced that it could be used, but it was definitely not Mature. So that you don’t deliver in the end as a competent company data, but the extra what they promise, you really are.”

New York Times reporter Kenneth P. Vogel was not so reticent in his tweet:

“The Biggest SECRET ABOUT CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICS: It was (and is) an overpriced service that has little value to the TRUMP campaign and the other campaigns & PACs, preserves, most of which are dedicated to the company, because it was seen as a prerequisite for the $$$ from the MERCERS.”


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