Calvin on Expedition Robinson, “I was bored with the pestpleuris’

YouTuber Calvin noticed during his / her participation in Expedition Robinson, there was a lot less action then end up on a tv show. “A lot of the time you do nothing at all,” he said in an interview with the newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden.

“I was bored with the pestpleuris,” says Kelvin Boerma, such as the vlogger is really hot. “On tv, there is action, and if you’re concerned with the challenges, the mental game, by the way, is the allerzwaarst. However, a lot of the time you do nothing at all. You on the other side, let it out. I kept to myself, but that I would be back in the country again enough to do it.”

Boerma says that he had to get used to the life as he once was. “It was so weird to be back to all sorts of stimuli, to process the end of the stay on the island. All of the participants had to take a week or two to get there. I’m glad I don’t have planned on it after I get home from there.”

The twentieth season of Expedition Robinson, was started on the 1st of september. In addition to the Boerma among others, Thomas Berge, and Tim this Weekend, and Akwasi join in the adventure games.

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