Call from UK to Brexit agreement, to make

The British Brexit-prime minister Stephen Barclay wants to see a renegotiation for a different Brexit agreement, which is being formed. That he wrote last Sunday in the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

According to Barclay, is the “political drama” has changed, starting in november 2018, when the last Brexit agreement, which has been closed. He noted that 61 per cent of the members of the European Parliament, is to be replaced, and that it “shows the need for a new approach.

Brussels has, since then, continuously, letting them know that it’s Brexit-agreed, there is that one does not want to negotiate, which in the Uk seems to be hoping for. The government of prime minister, Boris Johnson, wants to be rid of the so-called backstop, and a back up to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

A hard limit on the island of Ireland is not a function’

Both sides have expressed a strong border between the two countries is not possible. The European Union has, in the present Brexit agreement, however, is enforced, and that if, within two years, no solution was found for a trade, the whole of the UK within the Eu customs union.

That has been touched on a sore spot for Johnson. In this way, the UK will not have their own handelsdeals close.

Barclays is warning that if the toponderhandelaar, Michel Barnier, will not re-order the table is going to be a new agreement, a ‘no deal Brexit’ will follow. A new deal, however, would be possible, “as well as the EU’s only reasonable,” said Barclay. That is, it would start with being open to a new round of negotiations.

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