California’s forest fires, a signal, a “fire age,” expert claims

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California’s raging wildfires have consumed tens of thousands of acres, displaced thousands and knocked out power — but it could make the planet into a new age of fire?

In a piece for The Conversation, a fire historian and professor emeritus at Arizona State University, Stephen Pyne states that the Earth is entering a Pyrocene, or the age of fire, which is similar to that of the ice ages of the Pleistocene.

“In the modern world burning, lithic landscapes – the once-living biomass that is now fossilized into coal, oil and gas, and that is aggravating the burning of a living scenery,” says Pyne, adding that climate change is not the only problem.

For a vehicle burning in a garage of a house goes up in flames on the Hill the fire in the North Park neighborhood of San Bernardino, Calif., on Thursday.
((JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images))


“Climate change acts as a performance enhancer, and it is easy to understand, and he claims to be, that is the main focus because it is global and the reach is going further than the flames, the oceans, mass extinctions, and other knock-on effects,” he says. “But with climate change it is not enough to account for the plague of megafires.”

However, as he notes, a wide range of factors-including land use, road hazards, and the postburn environments — may have an impact on how to burn and how they burn.

When the man started burning fossils rather than living biomass, it is set in motion by a ‘ pyric transition,” he writes. The transition has led to a wave of the monster is to burn it in America, which resulted in the country extending across the whole of the continent as a whole.

According to Pyne, the power of humanity, in the framework of the Anthropocene, as a result of human intervention, by means of our species’ domination and control over the use of fire. “The society is about to reorganize themselves around fossil fuels, and to adapt it to the burning of lithic landscapes, and the handling of the fire, the weak are living,” he writes.


Firefighters are working to control the flames, if embers are blown by the wind, threatening more homes in the North of the Park, in the neighbourhood of the Hill the Fire in San Bernardino on Thursday. (Photo by Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“But in industrial fires, in contrast to the landscape, lit, is itself a product of human finagling, and, therefore, was outside the boundaries of ecological science,” the professor writes.

“The man,” are the keystone species for fire on Earth, which are the two arenas, that of the earthly fires, as the smoke from individual fires, arranged in a single convective column of the merge. Their give-and-take, it is the transformation of the planet,” he concludes in his essay of that title.


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