California woman hair-pulling fight with the police goes viral: ‘Cut my hair’



Raw video: Woman arrested for giving false identification

Video of a young woman under arrest in Arcata, California is going viral.

A video of a California woman’s arrest went viral over the weekend, prompting the police to investigate the incident.

Humboldt State University police officers were patrolling campus as part of a new initiative to crack down on alcohol-related violations when they allegedly spotted someone hanging out of a car sunroof. Officer Janelle Jackson pulled the car and arrested the person, who is not identified. The person who was accused of providing false identification to a peace officer, committing battery on an officer and public drunk.

Agents asked passenger Samantha Alonso Luna, 20, to its license. If they were to investigate, Alonso Luna asked Jackson to provide more information about her friend’s arrest, and the handling of exchange was caught on camera.


“What can we do?” Alonso Luna asked.

“That’s it — that’s all you need,” Jackson said. “What do you think you need?”

“Why are you so rude? I’m sorry,” Alonso Luna said.

“You’re the one who are being rude,” the officer replied.

“How am I rude?” asked the young woman.

“Seriously? You’re about two seconds from going to jail for public drunkenness. Do you not understand? So I would stop talking if I were you,” Jackson instructed.

The two are seen on video arguing about Alonso Luna’s last name to Jackson gave the 20-year-old to get out of the car.

“No, I’m not out of the car,” Alonso Luna replied.


“You’re going to jail,” Jackson said, as she appeared to pull Alonso Luna of the vehicle. Alonso Luna broke briefly for free, and tells her friend to capture the twist on video.

“What the f–k is your problem?” Alonso Luna shouted as another officer stepped in to her to hold.

Alonso Luna seems to be pushed against the car as she allegedly pulled Jackson’s long hair. With the help of another officer, the couple eventually got Alonso Luna on the ground.

“Let go of her hair! Let go of her hair!” the officers shouted as a fifth cop arrived.

When Alonso Luna refused to loosen her grip, Jackson told fellow officers, “Cut my hair. Seriously, cut my hair. I don’t care.” A police officer then freed from the female officer of the suspicious link.

Alonso Luna was arrested on suspicion of providing false ID to a peace officer, public intoxication and battery on an officer — charges she says she plans to fight.

In a Facebook post which has garnered millions of views, Alonso Luna called Jackson’s “unprofessional” and claimed that she was looking for a reaction.

“How is it they need 4 adult male agents on A woman who weighs less than 120 pounds. It is time for a new system,” Alonso Luna wrote.

HSU President Lisa Rossbacher and the HSU police chief Donn Peterson confirmed in an online statement Monday that they are reviewing videos of the arrest and the plan to carry out a full internal review.

“We take underage drinking very seriously,” Peterson said. “The stop and what happened after will be thoroughly reviewed by the prosecutor.”

“I have the video of this arrest, and I have confidence that Chief Peterson and our university police carry out a thorough review,” Rossbacher added. “The external review of our university community the opportunity to understand that this incident in a full and honest light.”

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