California police officer killed, accused of illegal immigrant ‘a senseless tragedy’, says chief

connectVideoNewman, California, police chief Randy Richardson speaks out about the murdered Cpl. Ronil Singh

The killing of a California police officer by an illegal immigrant during a traffic stop is a “tragedy” that has dealt a “huge blow” for the small department, the chief said Sunday.

In an exclusive interview with “Fox & Friends,” Newman police chief Randy Richardson said that Cpl. Ronil Singh was his first hire when he became chief in 2011. The officer had legally emigrated from Fiji to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer.

“That is what there really is to him, the day I did the interview with him, is his dedication to the profession,” Richardson said. “He told me that he came here only a police officer and be a part of this country, to protect what was given and stood before him.”

This undated photo provided by the Newman Police Department shows officer Ronil Singh of Newman Police Department who was killed Wednesday.
(Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department)

“It was the words that I could see in him that he will do well in this profession,” he added.


The 33-year-old agent was shot and killed Wednesday after pulling over a suspected drunk driver, Gustavo Perez Arriaga. Perez Arriaga, a Mexican national, was arrested Friday on a murder warrant at a home in the Bakersfield, about 200 km southeast of where Singh was shot.

Richardson said that he had worked part of the day shift before so Singh could stay at home on Christmas with his children for working in the night shift for the 12-officer Newman police. The two who found each other and wished each other “Merry Christmas” before the 33-year-old officer left for the solo shift.

“You don’t think at the time that it is going to be for the last time to say goodbye,” he said.

An image of the suspect in Officer Singh’s murder, to be confirmed by authentic California police.

The sheriff leading the investigation the debt of California, the sanctuary of the law for the prevention of local governments from the reporting of Arriaga to the US immigration officials for two previous drunk driving arrests. If he were deported, the sheriff said, Singh would still be alive.

“We can’t ignore the fact that this could have been prevented,” Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam multiple endocrine neoplasia told reporters, with the question of why the state “sanctuary for criminals and gang members. It is a conversation that we need.”

Illegal immigrants arrested in the murder of California police officer Ronil Singh was earlier arrested for DUI

Perez Arriaga the border in Arizona for a number of years ago and worked a number of jobs as a laborer, including several dairies. The 33-year-old gang had connections, and multiple Facebook pages with different names, multiple endocrine neoplasia said.


Richardson told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday, he is hoping that, with respect to the sanctuary law, which the people” of this drama for what it is.”

Illegal alien accused of killing officer, the death have been prevented if it were not for California’s sanctuary policies

“It was a senseless tragedy. It could have been prevented,” he said. “Unfortunately we’re having this conversation, because it was impossible to avoid.”

California the sanctuary of the law limited the cooperation between local authorities and the U.S. immigration officials and has drawn the scorn of the Trump administration. It contains more than 800 exceptions for violent crimes and offences, and bars police are asking people about their nationality.

The president tweeted about Singh’s murder on Thursday during the manhunt for the killer, said it was “time to get tough on border Security. The building of the Wall!” The officer’s killing came amid a fight between the Trumpet and congressional Democrats over the funding for a wall that’s forced a partial government shutdown.

Richardson called the deaths a “huge blow” for the department, but that the agency has “incredible support from other agencies to cover the streets of the city, because they are not able to get the “hard, tough few days” since Singh’s killing.


The chief added that he was hopeful the outpouring of support the department has received in the days after the murder continues to grow.

“It is often spoken about the thin blue line, protecting between good and evil,” he told “Fox & Friends. “I think we are on the top of the good, that is what keeps us up.”

On this Friday, Dec. 28, 2018, photos, family members of the police, Cpl. Ronil Singh including Birend Singh, holding photo on the left, attending a wake for the slain officer in the town of Newman, Calif.
(Andy Alfaro/Modesto bee via AP)

Richardson said while there has been negative publicity that could follow the enforcement of the law in the past few years, the killing of Singh should serve as a way to remind the community to support the local police.

“It is a profession that is high profile for what we do, many things to be critical about what we do,” he said. “We are truly alone here, just as Ron was, to protect and to serve.”

Fox News’ Robert Gearty and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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