California lawmakers retreat on Shisha ban appeal “the Middle East cultural tradition”

in the vicinity ofthe video of the alarming increase in the number of young people Smoking water pipe

Many think it is a safer alternative to Smoking cigarettes

As the flavored e-cigarettes-win debate momentum with the CDC, the public is pushing for vaping to stop, attempts to ban flavoured tobacco in California died in the legislature.

One of the critical kill points? The concern about the obstruction of one of the Middle East, the tradition, the lawmakers say.

In the state in may, an aromatic-tobacco-ban has been the Senate in the action against the Senate, but only after it was amended to exclude Shisha products.

Hookah, sometimes called shisha or nargila or argila, is tobacco smoked through a large water pipe, and popular in some middle Eastern cafes across the country. It is sold in a variety of flavors ranging from watermelon and Apple-chocolate-mint and coconut.


“Wanted to exclude the members of the bill, Shisha bars, and the senator refused to accept that” Republican Sen. Shannon Grove elected the first female veteran to serve in the California legislature and serves as a member of the Senate Committee on health, told Fox News. “To my knowledge, it has been painted as a cultural issue.”

The “cultural” attitude is said to have generated a degree of nervousness of the legislature, as they would be to receive the public, leading to the liberation of change.

But the Shisha-change is triggered to lose the invoice, the support of the American lung Association in California, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. In a joint letter, the groups announced their full opposition to the bill.

“Exemptions for hookah products sets a terrible precedent, and undermines the Foundation of the original legislation for the protection of the youth, low-income, and minorities of flavoured tobacco,” the organizations wrote Democratic state Sen. Jerry Hill, the architect of Bill 38, to to “combat the epidemic use of flavoured tobacco products by youth.”

In Iran, families meet for a picnic under the bridge, as well as food, musical instruments, and the water-line to bring known as water pipe or shisha.
(Fox News/Hollie McKay)


Rather than the amended draft to go to vote, the hill, instead of a full withdrawal.

A statement to Fox News from the Hill representatives said that “a special interest group tries to make changes to the draft law, on the grounds that there are concerns among the municipalities, for the use of flavored hookah-tobacco is a cultural tradition, and the owners of hookah lounges.”

“I find it hard to believe that the use of gummy bears and bubble gum flavored tobacco in any form, is a cultural tradition,” Hill stated.

A representative for San Diego-based hookah lounge, Fumari, who fought hard against the attempted prohibition, claimed that Hill would have a bill “cut, in the heart of the cultural heritage.”

“(Water pipe) was smoked after Royal dinners and at diplomatic Fumari corporate counsel, Rima Khoury, the slide, in cooperation with the hookah and the chamber of Commerce and other local hookah lounges to meet,” for the liberation, told Fox News. “The Egyptians introduced the use of a variety of tobacco flavors, which today, as a part of the hookah experience. Today, the Shisha is Smoking tends to be in the middle of the cultural, business and social events. The state of California has the largest number of Arab Americans in every state, with the area of Los Angeles to form the largest cluster in the country.”


Khoury stressed that about 13 percent of the total Los Angeles population, many of whom are politically active, would be affected by a tobacco flavor ban.

“A flavor ban would be in cutting to the heart of many Shisha with adult participation in culture and undermine the businesses owned by immigrants, which often went to support their whole family by their tobacco retail shops or hookah lounges were,” she continued.

Arnie Abramyan, President of the hookah chamber of Commerce, confirmed that “hookah has been around for hundreds of years.”

“Unless we stand up and educate the legislators about the difference, our culture and our heritage damage in the war against vape become collateral,” he said.


Others, again, agree with Hill that the “cultural tradition” sentiment is flawed and urged the legislators in California to research thoroughly.

For Ayman Abdel Nour, a Syrian-American, and middle Eastern Affairs researcher, said that the traditional hookah Smoking used a neutral tasting tobacco. He noted that the infusions were added to the mix in the last time as a marketing gimmick.

“Originally, it was not a good taste, it smelled bad and it was hard and not attractive for young people. Then in the 90s, started companies, the addition of fruit flavors,” Nour explains. “Then the world exploded and became very popular among young people, because it was delicious. The cultural tradition is pure tobacco, not flavored Shisha.”

In the California state Senate in may, an aromatic-tobacco-ban has been in action against the Senate – but to liberate only after it has been changed, Shisha products. Hookah, sometimes called shisha or nargila or argila, is tobacco smoked through a large water pipe, and often in Middle Eastern cafes in the whole country. It is sold in a variety of flavors ranging from watermelon and Apple, chocolate mint and coconut.
(REUTERS/Susana Vera)

In recent years, the United Kingdom and the European Union have adopted legislation, such as Shisha can chocolate be marketed to ban the seductive photos of exotic fruits and dripping. Packages must warning labels instead of the function flash.

While the history is cloudy, experts say that it is not from the Middle East. Instead, it is believed to be launched in India and gradually spread to Persia, and was originally used to smoke opium and hashish. There is also controversy within the Islamic faith.

“In many regions of the near and Middle East, hookah bars are for men only, and in some Muslim countries, Smoking is thought to be the forbidden act,” States.

Several countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the controversial Smoking bans have been introduced, and many prohibit Smoking during the Holy month of Ramadan.

However, hookah use in the United States and other Western countries gained momentum in the 1960s. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the past year documented that the use of flavored tobacco products by young people has reached “epidemic proportions.”

And at the end of August, public health officials reported the first death in an outbreak of severe respiratory disease associated with vaping. The disease is still under investigation by the CDC, sickened hundreds of people across the country – mostly teenagers and young adults. Victim claims, vaped with both cannabis as well as tobacco products. The symptoms often begin with respiratory problems, fatigue, and pain in the chest, in a spiral in the gastro-intestinal-problems, and the possible need for mechanical ventilation.

But other experts claim to sweep away state bans can have the opposite effect and lead to an upward trend.

According to a report, released in late August by free-market think-tank The Heartland Institute, California, several towns, which were found so far only limited access to flavored tobacco, that the youth went on e-cigarette use, and that other flavored products, including Shisha remained high.


In addition, persons against further state legislation around flavoured tobacco products, arguing that the prohibition or restriction of products, could force cigarette former smokers back to conventional.

“Instead of restricting adult access to e-cigarettes and vaping devices, to the policy, a forward current tobacco funding for education and prevention should be presumed,” the Heartland report. “In addition, the municipalities are the implementation consequences for the young people, in possession, rather than across-the-board prohibitions and other restrictive measures.”

Grove stated that reasons against the California effort in this year, on the freedom of choice.

“I (added to) the legal product is banned in California,” she said. “Do adults use flavored tobacco Smoking products to quit, and adults should be able to make their own decisions.”

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