California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Moye Jr. had the work ethnic, as ‘unprecedented’, he is almost a ticket to his mom

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California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Moye Jr. was shot and killed after conducting a traffic stop on 12th August, 2019. The officer Moye had been with the California Highway Patrol for a 3-year period. In what was originally planned for the 90th Anniversary celebration of the California Highway Patrol, an Officer Moye, it was me, with a ceremonial bell ringing was held in his honor at the CHP Academy in sacramento.

California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Moye Jr. spending that much time on the roads, “he once had an encounter with his mother, his former commander, remember.

Moye, a member of the executive committee of the River, the motor-unit until his death on Aug. 12, when he was shot and killed by a convicted felon during a traffic stop – was well-known for its high citation activity,” Capt. John and Tyler said at his memorial service.

One day, He said, ” Moye, the mother is the exit of the highway when she saw an officer, who was behind her, and it was believed that they would be drawn to it.

“All of a sudden her phone rang and she said,” Andre, did you do that?'” He will be recalled. And he said, ” Yes, mommy. You don’t use your turn signal back in.'”

Officer Mark Moye, Jr., ‘real and highway agent, and that he was proud of what he did while on the job and outside the job, and his brother, Michael, the jewish area of said/
(California Highway Patrol)

Moye’s journey to the line-up of the enforcement of the law began when he was 19. A report in the Press-Enterprise newspaper, has described him as a musical virtuoso, at the high school who played the tuba, clarinet, saxophone, and trombone in the band, but he wanted to find a place for it in the California Highway Patrol.

He is the first to apply for a job at that age, but was told to come back when he was 21. However, instead of doing just that, he was an electrician for the next decade.

Moye is then used for a second time, telling his mother that he “didn’t want to look at buttcracks for the rest of my life,” the Press-Enterprise reported, with an indication of the funeral service program.

After that, he got the job he wanted, Moye “has consistently increased impaired drivers off the street, as well as a work ethic that was second to none, as with a fire that cannot be extinguished,” He said.

California, the officer, and the gunman is dead after a shoot-out erupts in the vicinity of a busy highway

A California Highway Patrol officer is dead after a suspect opened fire on officers near a highway during rush hour; it’s Anita Vogel reports.


“With the completion of breakfast and / or lunch with co-workers,” Tyler said Moye, “would soon rise again. They would ask, ” Hey, did you get a call?’ He was going to say, ” No, I’m going to have to get back out there.'”

His cousin, Melissa, Lopez says, is that he is so adamant about enforcing the rules of the road, it started to make an impact on the 34-year-old has been dining.

“Andre gave up so many speeding tickets that he was, he couldn’t eat in public restaurants, because he did not want any “special sauce,” she said at his memorial service, drawing laughter from the audience, and it included hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the region.

Moye’s brother, Michael, the jewish area, which has been in the pursuit of a career with the California Highway Patrol, said: “Mark has taught me everything I know in my life….

“Whether it is right or wrong, I would always follow in his footsteps, and by the end of the day, I knew he had my back,” Solario said. “Andre is truly one highway agent, and that he was proud of what he did while on the job and outside the job. He would always brag to me on the phone and told me how great his job was.”


Moye’s wife, Sarah, said she was still six years in the House, but they were the best years of my life.”

“I will miss his great smile, sense of humor, and an infectious smile of his,” she said. “I wish that I could feel his arms tight around me, one more time.”

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