California girl, 5, cited for operating lemonade stand without a license

Oh gosh! A 5-year-old girl in Porterville, Calif., to receive a quote at the end of October for operating a lemonade stand without a license.

In June, the Autumn Thomasson decided to operate in the state to pay the money for a new bike.

Gabby Haas, Autumn’s mother, got the word on social media about her daughter’s idea, and in less than 24 hours the girl had enough money for a new ride.

“It meant so much to know that she earned her own money, that Mommy and Daddy it is not necessary for her to buy. She got to her own wallet and buy it yourself and pay at the cash register,” Haas told Fox26.

But four months later, Haas received a letter from Porterville, the Department of Finance with a picture of her Facebook post. Attached was a quote, ordering the mother to pay for a business license for her daughter, Fox26 reported.

“I was back. I don’t like a screenshot of my daughter sent back to me,” Haas said.

Porterville City Manager John Lollis told Fox26 the letter was sent in response to a complaint filed with the city. He is now apologizing.

“There is no excuse why it should have been sent,” he said. “We want our young people to be involved and looking for business opportunities.”

A business permit is not required for the sale of lemonade, Lollis added.

Lollis and City Councilmember Cameron Hamilton went to apologize to the Hare in-person on Sunday, but she was not home at the time, Fox26 reported.

Hare said that the experience taught her daughter a valuable lesson.

“There is always gonna be bitter people or bad people,” she said. “But there’s always going to be a good outweighing all.”

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