California, and #MeToo activists, allegedly urged to play employees, “turning Democrat in the bottle”: report

California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a leader of the #MeToo movement, which tried on the line of the then 25-year-old assistant back, his squeeze buttocks and tried to grab his step as he walked away from her.


A California Democrat, appeared in the “Time magazine’ s Person of the Year edition for their role in the anti-sexual harassment “#MeToo” movement, the turn, allegedly employees urged to play the grade-school classic, “the bottle,” after a night of heavy drinking at a fundraiser, Politico reported on Sunday.

David John Kernick, 38, the call for the work in Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s office for five months in 2014, filed a formal complaint with the state, that he was dismissed from his job for questioning of the game.

Kernick told Politico that the game, after a night of heavy drinking. Garcia was sitting on a floor in a hotel room with about six people, including the staff, he told the magazine.

What is the #consent? How to bridge the gap between the different definitions? No matter your answer, I really recommend you watch the whole video.

— Cristina Garcia (@AsmGarcia) 8. February 2018

“It was definitely uncomfortable,” Kernick said. “But I’ve noticed it’s different for a man than for a woman. … You know, it’s inappropriate, but at the same time one may ask the question, ” How many women work for the acting?’ You think that … ‘Maybe she is just really cool.”‘

Last week, Garcia hit with fresh allegations of improper behavior in your office, including frequent discussions about sex and alcohol consumption at the Capitol.

San Diego attorney Dan Gilleon filed a formal complaint with the legislature in detail on the allegations in the names of four anonymous former employee in Garcia’s office.

He said, you don’t want to cooperate with an investigation, but that her name in public, this time out of fear of retaliation.

The Complainants claim that Garcia spoke regularly about their sexual activity, including with other members, in front of the staff. Also, they claim that Garcia drank alcohol during the official Assembly business and employees are under pressure to join her and drink in the office or in bars.

The allegations as Garcia following news came on a leave of absence, you will be investigated, in the fall of a former male legislative staff in 2014.

None of the new complaints involve sexual misconduct, but Gilleon, the former employees said Garcia’s frequent talk about sex is a form of sexual harassment.

“My client will vigorously defend what you said, but I will insist that the Assembly take serious steps to ensure their protection from reprisals,” Gilleon said in a letter he delivered to the Assembly Rules Committee after a press conference on the Capitol steps.

Garcia, in a Facebook post, said, you, each of the problems completed individually once an investigation has been. But she said the claims are not square with the atmosphere they worked to create. Your current and former chiefs of staff refused to described the behaviour in the letter.

“I am confident that I consistently my employees are treated fairly and with respect. In a fast-paced legislative office, not every the right fit for each position is, and I understand how a normal employment decision could be misinterpreted by the individual involved in this decision,” wrote Garcia.

Garcia took a leave of absence Friday after the news broke, Daniel Fierro, a former employee in another office, they claimed, rubbing his back, grabbed his buttocks and tried to grab her, his groin in a legislative softball game in the year 2014. She denies the claims.

The allegations against Garcia mark a stunning turn of the California legislature with the extension of the sexual harassment scandal first broke last fall and asked to cancel two male assemblymen,. Garcia, a Democrat who represents Southeast of Los Angeles, under the chairmanship of the Legislative Women’s Caucus until Wednesday, if your colleague installed Democratic Assemblywoman Susan Eggman of Stockton, as interim Chairman.

Garcia was one of the harshest critics against their colleagues, and a staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement She has authored numerous bills on sexual assault, the activity and the consent.

Tim Reardon, Garcia said, former chief of staff, that he never heard or was told that Garcia was about their sexual activities in the office. He said, alcohol is occasionally present in the Capitol, but the drink is never exaggerated.

“There are times, in many offices, where there is always someone in the wine, or that nature,” he said. “But it was never excessive drinking of alcohol, like it’s some kind of drinking party.”

The letter also Garcia claims she asked the staff to have personal tasks, such as the care of your dogs, as well as the activities of the campaign for you and other legislators. It is alleged that Garcia was “vindictive” towards staff and often denigrated by other legislators.

Ashley Labar, your current chief of staff, denied the accusations.

“I have not yet listed never seen the member in the conduct, in the letter from Mr. Gilleon,” she said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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