‘By the victory against Brazil is the cynicism around our Red Devils disappeared’

In the run-up to the historic world cup showdown against France with the yellow jersey of Greg Van Avermaet already in the luggage, we put three questions to Jacques Sys, editor-in-chief of Sport/Voetbalmagazine.

Red Devils celebrate against Brazil © Belga Image

Suppose that the Red Devils killed in the semi-final against France. Which feeling will prevail: pride, or disappointment?Share

The great equal of Roberto Martínez: Radja Nainggolan not take turns out to be a stroke of genius

Jacques Sys: ‘A mix of both. If you are Brazil’s right, you think only of that world title. Also in the possible final will be a defeat yet first as a disappointment to the touch. The way we do against France will play with it to determine which we are the result perceive. But we should also be grateful and be proud of what this world cup has brought. With a semi-final is this tournament become a success. The Red Devils are there, just like four years ago, again succeeded in the whole country to reunite. All communities are, the community is already no issue anymore. They succeed where politics fails. Also abroad, we now get positive reviews and look differently at our country.’

‘The big plus of this world cup is the enormous sense of unity. All egos are put aside and all players think in the same direction. Actually, the great equal of Roberto Martínez: Radja Nainggolan not take turns out to be a stroke of genius. Regardless of the outcome of the match against France, there is music for the future. We still have to see who drops out of the posts, but the real celebrities – Lukaku, Hazard, De Bruyne – go for sure for a few more years. The way Hazard and De Bruyne, two international stars, together at last functioning it creates opportunities. Add in Courtois and Lukaku, who continues to improve.’

“This golden generation brings something about. Also with the journalists. There was by the trail in the previous tournaments a certain cynicism in the press and the public crept in, as of: it will be something go wrong. That is now by that victory against Brazil. You can use any world cup or big tournament is broken analysis. What if Japan 3-0 or header from Jan Vertonghen, not in aim drifts? But okay, good luck, you always have what you need. Otherwise do you beat Brazil. It is also understandable that journalists on the spot be carried away: if you have a month in the track of which team you live by itself.’

There is now much to do around the position of Thierry Henry, as assistant to Roberto Martínez and our Red Devils, but also, of course, the figurehead of French football. Is that a theme worth it?


Nationality is becoming less important

Jacques Sys: ‘In this modern football world, I consider that still a non-issue. That some French critics propose to him a match on the side of the show, of course, is ridiculous. If you are reasoning going, and where do you stop? Should Martínez did not coach against Spain? Or Bert Van Marwijk is not with Australia against the Netherlands? Or even at club level: you should be in a Europacupfinale then touched with the feeling of a club from your native country? Of course not. Thierry Henry is in the service of the Belgian league, and will want for his team, the Red Devils, so, win. There. He wants to yet, that his employer is doing well? That the focus that he trains to do it well. Nationality is becoming less important. I do admire how Henry, despite his name and fame, in the shadow operates. Martínez has that very well viewed by him as assistant in the staff, just as Graeme Jones, who do an excellent job delivering. Casually: I do wonder how Marc Wilmots will now have to feel? He still has that national feeling stirred up. The graces Martínez that he also emphasized.’

Greg Van Avermaet takes the Tour in the yellow jersey after a win of BMC in the team time trial. That discipline is still a place in such a bright mediated after all event like the Tour de France?


You can, however, debate about the timing of such a ploegentijdri

Jacques Sys: ‘Absolutely. I think it’s a very beautiful part of the world of cycling. It should also be on the Tour. The Tour you win by and with a strong team. Agree, to live on the television monitor, it looks less spectacular, but that could well say of the flat stages, where the peloton freebooters to escape to than just before the arrival back to tackle. If you go to the average speeds of a team time trial look, you realize that the riders deep have to go in order to excel.

“You can debate about the timing of such a team time trial. By the front in the Round of stitches, do a yellow jersey depend on. That may seem a strange thing, because now, for example, takes Van Avermaet yellow, while his teammate Van Garderen on the exact same time, listed. But I have had little problems with it, you know the rules in advance. For Van Avermaet, but it is also a way to fail spring to brighten up. And who knows, he might get the leadership position, however, a few days reserve, the mountains are there until next week.”

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