Buttigieg outlines his first day as President on “The Daily Show”

in the vicinity ofthe video campaign Trail Mix: Pete Buttigieg dinner with Rev. Sharpton; Beto O’rourke bets on climate change

Mayor Pete Buttigieg makes a campaign a pilgrimage to Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem to chew campaign about the issues with Reverend Al Sharpton; Beto O’rourke, a $floats 5 trillion plan to combat global warming.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Monday and about what he would do on his first day as President if he won the election in the year 2020.

The mayor of South Bend said to Noah, the first thing he would address is the election process itself.

“I think day-to-start is a package of Democratic reforms to strengthen our democracy, so that the registration of voters to make it easier-it is easier for the polls,” Buttigieg said.


“The introduction of a reform of the Electoral College is based on the idea that you might say, is simple, but you want to take the chair, whoever gets the most votes,” Buttigieg said.

From there, Buttigieg added that he would find his views on “depoliticizing” of the Supreme court.

To depoliticize “the introduction of a Commission to propose measures, would the Supreme Court. I mean big deep structural reforms that need to take place,” Buttigieg said.

The mayor said that climate change was at the top of his list.

Noah pressed Buttigieg reported on his inability to make a connection with African-American voters.

Buttigieg said he would continue his Performance with the community and touted South Bend as an ethnically diverse city. He spoke about his experiences with racism as the mayor notes that he learned, “good intentions are not enough” and that something must be done to fix it on a national level inequalities.

Buttigieg met earlier with Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem for lunch, and a political discussion.


Buttigieg spoke about what he learned on the job as mayor before taking a shot at President Trump.

“What they are learning, the job is not only a policy-element– not only a management element-but also the intangible part, the moral part, of calling people to their highest values. It is actually the thing we are most sorely lacking now in the White house. And we really need it, it is really important said,” Buttigieg.

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