Buttigieg fundraising frenzy could produce eye-popping sums of money

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2020 presidential candidate mayor Pete Buttigieg is outside of the Democratic rivals at Fox News town hall; Peter Doocy reports from Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Don’t be surprised if Pete Buttigieg is a eye produced-popping fundraising figure, when the second quarter of the campaign cash will start pouring in at the beginning of July.

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old in South Bend, Indiana mayor rose in the polls – from the longest of long-shots to be a serious contender for the presidential nomination.


Now, Buttigieg a frenetic pace, as he hauls in campaign cash, with the goal of one of the top sponsors in the historically large field of Democratic White house hopefuls.

“We are with the good feeling,” a source close to Buttigieg campaign, told Fox News, when asked about the campaign in second quarter fundraising efforts.

So far, the majority of the fundraising was Biden spotlights shone on former Vice-President, Joe, is the clear front-runner right now in the nomination race. Biden pulled in $6.3 million in its first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, and teased earlier this week that his campaign contributions of 360,000 people, with an average donation of $55. To do the math and that works out to $19.8 million.

Biden made the news, as he headlined three of the top-dollar Fundraiser in New York City, the net effect of which is likely his campaign, at least an additional $1 million.


But Buttigieg is also aggressively courting big-dollar donors, holding fundraising events in the last few weeks in New York City, Washington, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and on Thursday in Boston.

Buttigieg scheduled to headline another top-dollar Finance Events next week in Miami, before the first round of the Democratic presidential primary debates. And he plans another in New York City, just prior to the second quarter of fundraising ends on September 30.

Like Biden, Buttigieg, both high-dollar and low-dollar contributors is looking for.

The source, who asked to be anonymous, stay, speak more freely, said that the campaign “all of the above fundraising strategy of small-dollar online donations through E-Mails and social media, all the way up to the maximum contributions and that the people’s money in our name.”


The campaign, the strategy was evident on Thursday in Boston, where Buttigieg prior to headline a fundraiser with top-dollar donors and bundlers, the main attraction for a base-funding-event.

“These are events that give people access to the campaign and the tickets for this event start at $25… to meet as many people as possible Pete. It is declared the action to be tried to be made more accessible to more people,” said the source.

The strategy seems to be working. The campaign confirmed that it raised $7 million in April – that was as much as Buttigieg was during the entire January-March first quarter of fundraising.

Campaign cash, together with polling, power is an important metric to measure a candidate’s popularity and his or her campaign strong. Fundraising dollars can be used by campaigns, hire staff, build grassroots outreach efforts, travel, and pay for ads.

And the money helps Buttigieg quickly the size of his choice to expand the fight, as he and his top rival for the nomination. On Friday, Buttigieg’s campaign has announced they have doubled their employees in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire – from six to twelve persons.

“We were encouraged by our base of support from all over the country. Every contribution, whether it be time, energy or resources, which helps to shape and create a campaign that said a new generation of guide rings that Pete presents,” Buttigieg national press Secretary Chris Meagher Fox News.

Biden and Buttigieg are not the only candidates for aggressive court big-bucks donors, while also hauling in a down-to-earth posts. Sr., Kamala Harris of California, and former Rep. Beto O’rourke of Texas, both holding top-dollar fundraisers in other cities of the country, while also to rake in large sums of money online.

But for Buttigieg, the goal of the fundraising frenzy to be on eye level with his much better-known rivals.

“Our plan was, we have the expenditure in the spring and in the summer, only our name out there would be,” he told Fox News this spring.

Now, the infusion of campaign cash Buttigieg help with the mission.

“We have to do a lot of work to do, the blocking and tackling of work on the ground, the organizations we build up in the early States and that’s what’s really going on, to decide whether we can win, starting with the first vote, which will happen the beginning of next year,” he highlighted.

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