Butter vs. oil: How to bake your the healthiest?

Cooking and baking is with the use of butter or oil. There are plenty of choices; olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, butter and more. How to bake your well the healthiest?

According to professor of Food technology Tiny van Boekel (Wageningen University and Research) you can find the best oil baking and frying. “In the oils sit unsaturated fats. That are better than the saturated in butter and other hard fats are. Unsaturated fats contain good HDL cholesterol and saturated lower LDL-cholesterol.”

A useful mnemonic to know if something is good fats, the fluidity of the product. “Is it liquid? It’s good, unsaturated fats. Is it hard? Than sit there the worse, saturated fats.”

“Oil is the best for roasting and baking.”
Tiny van Boekel, professor of Food technology

It is indeed better to have more unsaturated fats than eating saturated fats, says a spokesperson from the Nutrition centre. “That lowers LDL cholesterol. Too much in your body is not good for the blood vessels and can lead to heart disease.”

A nice bonus is that unsaturated fats are also different essential fatty acids that the risk of heart disease to slow it down. “These are fatty acids that the body can not make, but they are necessary for good health. Therefore, we need to use the nutrition in their diet,” says the Nutrition centre.

Baking with saturated fats

  • Hard margarine
  • Hard bake – and frying fat
  • Hard fat
  • Butter
  • Coconut oil (coconut oil)
  • Palm oil
  • Ghee (clarified butter)

Oils best choice, but which one?

Oils are the best choice. Except coconut oil and palm oil, says the Nutrition centre. They also suggest to extra virgin olive oil and flax oil.

“Let coconut oil, pamolie, extra virgin oflijfolie and linseed oil.”
Nutrition centre

In these last two is the so-called “smoke point” the reason. “This is the temperature at which substances smoke or fumes. The smoke point of these oils is below 180 degrees. Substances burn and break off, making the oil no longer suitable to eat because of the harmful substances that are released.”

Therefore, when frying correctly fixed, saturated fat can be used. Here come the harmful substances later free.

Baked with unsaturated fats

  • Liquid margarine
  • Liquid bake-and-drippings
  • Most vegetable oils, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, rice bran oil, rapeseed oil/rapeseed oil

The best options are, according to Van Boekel sunflower oil and olive oil. Already, he feels that you also feel free to butter can use. “A lot of people find this good, including myself. It does contain saturated fat, but not so much. I would just vary, and, occasionally, a time in butter, and, occasionally, a time olive oil.”

Olive oil contains unsaturated fats and is one of the healthiest options. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Fat, fatter, vetst

Who for olive oil, choosing to fall off, wrong. “Olive oil is oilier than butter. To butter is still water added to approximately 18 percent. There are more calories in olive oil.”

“Olive oil is oilier than butter. There are more calories in.”
Tiny van Boekel, professor of Food technology

But the butter, of course, is precisely saturated fat, adds to the Nutrition centre. “Therefore, one can say that olive oil is healthier.”


  • Where bake you a ham – or veggie-burger in and why? Leave a comment under this article.

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