Butter, margarine, or butter: What you can do to the best of your sandwich?

In the summer, for the regions of Central and Southern ends, and also in the northern regions, the schools start on Monday the 26th of August. The desks and office chairs to fill is the same as the lunch boxes. That can be a snack, it is best to put?

A thick layer of butter, which is butter, or no butter on it: everyone does it differently. What is the difference between butter, margarine and low-fat margarine? “Butter and margarine, contain high-fat and low-fat margarine half as much”, says Astrid, and Director, voedingsexpert at the Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum).

“The butter consists of saturated fat, making it less good for you because it is your cholesterol levels to increase. Margarine and butter are the good, unsaturated fats and vitamins A and D added to it.”

The different types of products

  • Butter contains 80 per cent fat, of which about 50 percent saturated and 30 unsaturated.
  • Butter contains 80 percent fat, 20 percent saturated, and the 60 is unsaturated.
  • Butter contains 40 per cent fat, of which 10% is saturated and 30% unsaturated.
  • Diet margarine is made between the two latter, and between 40% and 60% of fat, which are three-quarters unsaturated.

Between 1970 and 1991 it was found from various studies that saturated fat causes a high cholesterol level, which can lead to heart disease. “But it is good to be unsaturated fats are in,” says Postma. “That will get the Dutch are, on average, is not enough to be inside. If you’re not so much (olive oil, nuts, oily fish and vegetables, it is a good idea to use margarine or butter to lubricate it.”

The softer the margarine, the less saturated the fat is. (Image: 123RF)

‘I prefer not too much butter’

Make a butter which, according to Director of better on our bones your body. “If you have a lot of butter spread, you’ll get too much saturated fat in. Which are also all-in, cheese, meat, or biscuits,” says the Director. “Also, there are trans fats in butter, this is the worst kind of fat for your cholesterol level.”

Sometimes, there are those who say that butter and saturated fats are not as bad. This is something that voedingswetenschapper Elizabeth Smith, does not make any sense. “We’ve been in business since 1992 and is convincing evidence that saturated fat is the bad (LDL) cholesterol, and increases, when compared with unsaturated fatty acids. For the last 23 years is the only proof has been added: you have to replace saturated fat with unsaturated fat, then the lower you get you are at risk of developing heart disease.”

“Margarine or butter-greasing, it is very useful, because they are secretly and vitamin supplements”
Elizabeth Smith, voedingswetenschapper

That is why it is a good idea to use butter to replace it with a different product, ” says Smith. Replace it with a soft, spreadable margarine or butter on bread. The harder the margarine is, the more saturated the fat is, that you can’t get there, so just be yourself, with yourself. You do not have a profit, if you have a butter or hard margarine, replace it.”

According to the voedingswetenschapper, you don’t have to worry about anything it is added to margarine. “In the past, it contained margarine, trans-fats, but now no longer. Take a look yourself at the list of ingredients and if you have a great choice to make. You need to choose a margarine with unsaturated fats such as sunflower-, linseed-, soya-, rapeseed-, or oil, and as little as possible, palmvet. Palmvet, it is a saturated fat and is not a sustainable product.”

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A lot of other options

Your slice of bread and spread with margarine or butter, according to Smith, does not necessarily have to be healthy to be. “Although it may be for some, it might be handy, because you want to use vitamin supplements by the intake. There are vitamins A and D added to it.”

Who doesn’t like smear of butter, according to her, plenty of other options out there. “Smear hummus or peanut butter on your bread, or boil a bit more, with (olive)oils, and sauces like pesto. Peanut butter, which is one hundred per cent is made up of peanuts, it is one of the best things that you have on your loaf of bread and can be trusted. It contains nuts, and healthy monounsaturated fats in which the majority of people will have a little more to eat.”

The improvement In this article was that in 1992 there are alternatives to butter to the market. This is not true. We do not have this incorrect custom.

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