Businessman Erik de Vlieger had their own book like 39 years earlier want to read

Businessman Erik de Vlieger had their own book like 39 years earlier want to read

This week appeared Deep Business, the new book by Erik de Vlieger(57). “I have had this book and like to read when I was in my eighteenth started with entrepreneurship”, says the entrepreneur against

“But it is also meant for officials or professors; anyone who has to do with business.”

Where you according to The Kite is always to be careful in the world of business is that you are “whole and cut”, you lose. “You ask yourself what the point if you’re busy with a deal, you can let yourself be carried away by the circumstances. But always make sure that you are not your whole power bet.”

What is Erik de Vlieger is concerned, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. “It is an instinctive happening. You can smell where it is. It is a talent that you have. “Or you are that talent can develop, know The Kite is not so good. “I can’t unequivocally yes say.”

“You can always meters, but the pain where you have to deal with, and the nights that you wake up is; that you should want to. You must have the character to be able to undertake. I call take sometimes spiritual sm.”

“If something goes wrong, nibbling at it that to you,” explains The Kite from. “You must find a way to to deal with. I am now at a point that I pain like. I have experienced so much; I fear not so fast anymore.”

The 57-year-old entrepreneur got in the past to do with justice for alleged extortion, but he was acquitted. He lost by the affair, a large part of his zakenimperium.


The beauty of entrepreneurship is The Kite “eindsucces”. “You can compare it with ten years of training for the one hundred metres under ten seconds to run. If you have a long work to set up a company to build it and can ultimately, then that gives a euphoric feeling.”

The Kite is doing currently in Portugal, where he ten resorts. “I got a little bit lucky, because it went not so well with tourism in countries like Turkey and Greece. Spain and Portugal were then popular.”

A little bit of luck, you will have as an entrepreneur, or necessary, sets The Kite. “But I always say: three times lucky is wisdom, and three times bad luck is stupidity.”

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