Burt Reynolds says he is in love with Sally Field when she was 7, praises Hoda Kotb lips in bizarre ‘Today’ chat

Burt Reynolds had a bizarre interview on the “Today” show on Thursday, March 15, 2018.


The legendary actor Burt Reynolds said “Today” show host Hoda Kotb in a bizarre interview Thursday that he is “proud” of her for not having her radiant lips.

Reynolds, 82, was on the “Today” show promoting his latest film, ” The Last Movie Star,” and he chose to wrap up the chat by focusing on Kotb see.

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— TODAY (@TODAYshow) March 15, 2018

Reynolds told Kotb, “I’m so proud of you, taking your lips bigger.”

Kotb replied by laughing and saying, “OK, well, Burt.”

Earlier in the chat, he made eyebrow-raising comments about Sally Fields.

Kotb asked Reynolds who is the love of his life was.

“You are naughty, you really are. I am dead in the water no matter what I say. Well, she was 7 when I fell in love with her. She continued to 7 for approximately 11 years. I would say, Sally,” “Boogie Nights,” actor replied.

Burt Reynolds opened up about his strained relationship with his father.


“Sally Field?” Kotb asked.

“No, Sally Wolfergosh. Yes, Sally Field,” Reynolds said Kotb laughed.

Reynolds explained he wanted the Field of the star with him in “Smokey and the Bandit”, but was told the actress was not “sexy.”

“I said,” You don’t get it, talent is sexy,'” Reynolds said.

Burt Reynolds called Sally Field, the love of his life.


Kotb asked Reynolds that he would want to play him in a film about his life.

Reynolds wasted no time and answered, “George Clooney.”

“He is not as good as me, but he has all of the other things,” he said.

The actor also spoke about his relationship with his father, a second world WAR veteran and a police chief.

“If you said to him after the football was not going to work out, ‘Hey, dad, I’m planning to be an actor,’ what was his reaction?” Kotb asked.

“He spat,” Reynolds replied.

“Really?” Kotb asked.


“No, but he was not happy, you know. He wanted me to — you know what it is to speak with the boys on the force. Not that he is working with Candy Mountains [Candice Bergen], that is, for me, not better,” Reynolds replied.

Kotb pressed further about Reynolds’ relationship with his father and if he ever said that he was proud of him.

“He has other people, but not for me,” Reynolds said. “I would ask him: ‘What did you think of the last picture, daddy?’ and he said ‘What film?'”

Reynolds recalled a time when he was arrested by his father for fighting. He said that his father threw the defendants in the “drunk tank” but let them go, if they are their fathers picked it up, except for Reynolds.

“He looks at me and says, ‘Your father has not.” It was heavy, slow, but I loved him,” Reynolds said.

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