Burn-out brain to see

NIJMEGEN, the netherlands – Scientists from the Donders Institute in Nijmegen, part of the Radboud University, have managed to burn out to demonstrate in the brain of patients. This is burn-out for the first time to determine on the basis of objective data.

The university called that Thursday a breakthrough.

Burn-out is not anywhere in the world as an official disorder recognized. For example, in the United States, burnout is not officially. In the Netherlands, it is estimated that 5 percent of the absences on the work to do with burn-out.

Of that group remains half very long absence or even never to return to the old working level, back. Burn-out is different than the depression or the chronischevermoeidheidssyndroom CVS, because the complaints of overwork are clearly ‘work-related’.

The Nijmegen researchers showed subjects open their eyes, and connecting in relaxed condition and making a recording of their brain activity.


The hersenpatroon of burn-outpatiënten showed clearly less highs, which, according to the scientists, means that such a person is a lesser willingness or ability to mentally understand it. Also other hersenonderzoeken showed that those with burn-out flatter to react, and less brain activity showed.

A neuroscientist and research leader Gilles van Luijtelaar says that further research among larger groups of subjects is necessary, but he does not doubt that burn-out from everywhere now a recognised condition.

The Nijmegen research results appear Thursday in a leading American scientific journal. “That is important, because the psychiatrists there, these patients will now recognize and better deal,” says Van Luijtelaar.

Burn-out brain

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