‘Burn in the spring sun’

‘Burn in the spring sun’

This weekend, rises the mercury in some places in the country to over twenty degrees. Despite the fact that the sun still not at its strongest, it is wise to use the sunscreen already on hand, according to experts.

“At this time, the sun is already quite powerful,” says Jaco van Wezel of Weeronline. “In the next few days with cloudy weather, sunshine to 4 to 5 expected. In cloudy weather, the sunshine 2. Sunshine 4-5 is pretty high. After the winter our skin is not yet accustomed to such high power, so between 12.00 and 15.00 hours in the afternoon can burn you. Outside, the sunshine is still too low to burn.”

“In addition to the position of the sun and the thickness of the clouds, there are two factors that the sunshine determine. UV-radiation is 10 to 20 percent, enhanced by the reflection of sand and water. Fresh snow and ice reflected 80 to 90 percent of the solar radiation. This is the reason why you are on a sunny wintersportdag burnt easily.”

“Also the thickness of the ozone layer is an important factor,” says Van Wezel. “On a sunny day at the end of april is sunshine to 4 to 5 a normal value. Sometimes the sunshine in april is even higher. This is because at high altitudes in the atmosphere than an area with lower ozonwaarden present. This is less sunlight on the way to the earth’s surface is absorbed by ozone, and we are exposed to a higher UV-radiation.”

In 60 seconds: sunscreen

Good protect

“We measure in april to a maximum daily sunshine around 4 to 5, says Harry Sleeper, radiological health at the RIVM. “A sensitive skin may already be within a half-hour as much as UV radiation increase that later in the day redness occurs.”

“In the Netherlands we measure in the summer up to sunshine 7, which is usually a few times per year is reached. How higher the sunshine, the quicker the skin can burn: is the sunshine, twice as high then the time to burn half as short. In addition to the seasonality also plays the sensitivity of the skin along with the chance of combustion.”

“You can UV radiation do not feel or see and the red and sore skin occurs until several hours after exposure. That is it. The sunshine is not dependent on the temperature and on a cool bright spring day just as high or higher if on a warm. If the skin once what sun has gained he is thicker and less prone to sunburn. Sun protection is important, not only to redness to prevent, but especially to reduce the chances of skin cancer to limit. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and the number is rapidly increasing as a result of unwise zongedrag,” says Sleeper.

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“The one person burns faster than the other, and the skin of children is more sensitive than that of adults. Also, when you do not burn too much UV light can damage the skin and allow for faster aging. So it is recommended to you also in this spring sun is already protected with sunscreen,” says Van Wezel.

“For a middagwandelingetje of 30 minutes, you need with this sunshine, not sunscreen,” says Sleeper. “It is even better to have you for a short exposure to the sun is not sunscreen, as UV rays help in the production of vitamin D. Especially after the dark winter we have here is a shortage of. With prolonged exposure to the sun it is of course wise to put yourself in the prisoners.”

Many people do not know that you are the best a thick layer can make, tells Sleeper. “For a spring with lower solar energy, it is not necessary yet, but definitely in the summer is the importance of a solid layer that is regularly refreshed. Do you use a high factor, then the layer less thick. Factor 10 is now fine.”

Spring weather

This weekend is the nice spring weather: Saturday is the day in the west and south, sunny, says Van Wezel. “In the east more clouds for. Sunday is a sun-drenched spring day. It is also quite warm for the time of year, 15 degrees on the sea 18 on the western beaches to 21 in the south and southeast of the country.”

“The sun is, especially in the south, the strongest between 13.00 and 14.00 hours. After the weekend, will there be more clouds, and from Tuesday there is another chance of showers.”

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