Bull’s-eye is a nasty disease: – how do you get performance?

Bull’s-eye is a nasty disease: – how do you get performance?

Dandruff is harmless, but it can be very annoying. All the way in the winter, when we wear dark clothing. “How is your performance?”, she asked NOW.en drive off. General practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47) gives the answer.

What is she, really?

Of the Pale: “Flakes on the scalp which is caused due to the scalp two times in a faster refresh than the normal skin. You can see it on your clothing, there are continue to be the white flakes on the back of your shoulders or on the lapel of your coat.”

Rose will be in shortly

  • Wash your hair with a antiroosshampoo
  • Leave for five minutes
  • Do not use a shampoo for oily hair
  • Dandruff is not contagious

Can it be harmful?

“No, no. She was basically the innocent one. You don’t need to, then didn’t bother to go to the doctor’s office. The only way it can be really annoying. Especially if you have dark clothes. Only if it’s not going to be anything like it, but, to make a thick paste, which is detached from the scalp or an inflamed scalp, it is recommended to go to the doctor. There may be a question of seborroïsch rough.”

What causes dandruff?

“It is produced by the skin oil on the scalp and hair. That is, it is a nice environment for the yeast cells, which are the skin cells more quickly to share with you. Dandruff is not contagious. It is sometimes a bit more when under stress. However, it is not because you are a gel or a cap or a hat is wearing it.”

And it is not a sign of baldness?

“No, no. If you have dandruff, have you don’t have to worry about being bald. It has nothing to do with your hair, but your scalp and hair.”

There Is something spectacular to do with it?

“Are you washing your hair with a antiroosshampoo helps. Not only Was your hair with it, massaging the scalp well with the shampoo and let it be well to withdraw it, because that’s where the cause of action. A lot of people will rinse it right off, but it’s not enough time to do the job. Leave it for at least five minutes while you make the rest of your body to god.”

How much longer do you get that shampoo you use?

“Once a week or fortnight. You will notice almost immediately is that the scalp to get more quiet, and the flaking is less. You can use it as long as it takes to use it if you want, but it is usually every two weeks is sufficient. So, if you have two weeks before the new year starts, you can just take your costume to the dinner.”

“Another tip is to wash your hair with a treatment for greasy hair if you have dandruff you have. Which is drying to the skin, i.e., a little bit, so the rose may be so-called. Wash your hair with a shampoo for normal or dry hair.

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