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Athlete Madiea, G., in Germany, has been charged with drug trafficking, is no longer a part of the Dutch team. The Amsterdam sportsman is automatically set to the squad for the 4×400-meter which is next fall at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha, take action.

“They came out since they were on June 18, has been arrested in Germany, is no longer in the training. In the us, it is the rule of thumb that you get from the team is,” said the technical director of an Ad that scrubs the skin of the Atletiekunie, which goes on to say that the league is not in contact with the G.

In G. it is in accordance with the German Public Prosecutor’s office at the border with 50 pounds of ecstasy, and crystal meth, are found.

“We were shocked when we heard of it,” says Roskam. “Of course there was no one else to think. We have a family of Madiea’s help, but the family has refused. We have to respect that. In addition, we may also have little choice but to wait and see what happens from Germany, the legal process of coming out.”

G. this would be the weekend at the national championships in The Hague, the Dutch title in the 400-meter defense.

Biggest crap you can think of

The Atletiekunie well in advance and are asked of the athletes and leave her alone, so that they are able to focus on their performance. “That elite athletes are generally very good. I also did not have a lot of questions here”, says Roskam know about it.

“Well, in the days prior to that date, then, for us, is still unclear as to what was going on with her at the time. She did not appear at the sessions, and it didn’t work out to get in touch with her. We have had this worry. That is why the big shock when we heard that she had been caught with ecstasy, and crystal meth are the biggest crap you can think of.”

Into the White is due to the absence of the g. grand favourite for the title in the 400 meters. They have set themselves, despite the fact that they have in recent weeks, a rebound was due to a hamstring injury, is easy to reach the final.

“It is very strange that she’s not there’, and let The Whites know it. “It is very unfortunate, especially for the team. It’s a weird story, but I can’t say that.”

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