Builders world cup stadiums Qatar get special ventilatiehelm

Builders world cup stadiums Qatar get special ventilatiehelm

Builders of the stadiums that in 2022 the football world cup in Qatar takes place, get a special helmet with a ventilation system.

By the ventilation system is the body temperature by up to 10 degrees reduced. A helmet works for a period of four hours, reports the organization of the tournament Thursday.

The hoofdbeschermers are designed by scientists from the university of Qatar. To the stadiums to work around 5100 foreign workers from Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

The temperature in the summer in Qatar may reach 50 degrees. In may, a worker from India to a heart attack during construction work. Last month was a Nepali at one of the stadiums by a truck and run over.


According to human rights organisations would be hundreds of deaths in the construction projects for the world cup.

As a response to the criticism presented by the organizers Thursday, the special helmet. That way it would also be justified in the summer to work through. The workers get the helmets probably not until this summer.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is still not fully satisfied about the working conditions. He said on Wednesday, press to continue practice at the organisation, in order for improvement to be sure.

According to Infantino, there is indeed made progress, but there must be more to happen. “We will continue to insist.”

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