Brussels wants to video sites automatically show in search of illegal material

Brussels wants to video sites automatically show in search of illegal material

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The European Commission wants to video platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion, require automatically search for copyrighted material.

That makes the European Commission Wednesday announced a new proposal.

The daily management of the EU is to video services in which users own videos can upload “as an effective means of establishment” to automatically songs or audiovisual material to be detected, so that the rights holders get compensated, or disposal may ask.

YouTube already has such a system, called Content ID. The company invested approximately 60 million dollars in that system. For smaller services, this would presumably be a considerable cost difference.

Brussels also comes with a proposal that makes it easier for channels and broadcasters to make their programs in other countries to broadcast both on cable and online.

Also, the Commission wants the so-called neighbouring rights also apply to publishers, as is already the case for film producers. This would make a publisher a fee to get if there is an article elsewhere.


D66 member of the european parliament Marietje Schaake is not happy with the copyrightvoorstellen. “We have a real copyrightrevolutie needed that is adapted to the needs of the digital opportunities. Publishers have legitimate concerns about falling revenue, but a reactionary amendment of the copyright law is not the correct answer to this problem.”

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