Brussels votes for new copyright with ‘uploadfilter’

The European Parliament has, on Tuesday, for the new copyright voted. This means that the controversial ‘uploadfilter’ of power.

Total voted voted 348 members of parliament for the law, while 274 members have a dissenting vote recorded. There is not voted on amendments to the law could tighten or relax.

The law is controversial, because of article 13, that a stricter rules and regulations for the upload of copyright protected material. Tech be responsible for any violations of copyright.

Major online platforms like Facebook and YouTube have to be content to monitor and, where necessary, to remove. Critics fear that the law is not satire in the way, because it is under copyright-protected material itself will be.

Vice-president Andrus Ansip, the European Commission mentions the law on Twitter “a big step forward”. According to him, the law contains sufficient safeguards to the freedom of expression is not to stand in the way.

The new law also contains a so-called ‘linktaks’. Who perspublicatie of a news organization online wants to share for commercial use must receive advance approval.

Now the law is approved, he is to European member states sent to him should apply in the national legislation. That can be a number of years.

‘Dark day for internet freedom’

Julia Reda, on behalf of the German pirate party in the European Parliament, speaks of a “dark day for internet freedom”, now the law is approved.

The Dutch organisation Bits of Freedom, responds on his blog also disappointed on the consent. “That uploadfilters make a lot of mistakes and also block a lot of content wrongly. This proposal came very much criticism. Unfortunately today a majority still voted for it.”

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