Brussels threatens with action against Poland to reform the rule of law

Brussels threatens with action against Poland to reform the rule of law

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The European Commission is preparing legal steps against the Polish government because of four new laws for the reform of the judiciary. Brussels has “major concerns” that the legislation, the independent rule of law threatens, and calls on Warsaw on the controversial legislation “on hold”.

That said vice-president Frans Timmermans on Wednesday after the weekly meeting of the commission.

At the meeting were legal options against Poland were discussed. “I have almost no doubt that we are following week, the procedure put in place because of infringement of EU rules,” said Timmermans. An infringement procedure can lead to a case before the European Court of Justice.

In addition, the commission will assess the option which may result in Poland because of a violation of the rule of law temporarily, the right to vote in decision-making is taken away from her. This measure is never used, and requires the approval of a wide majority of the EU countries.

According to Timmermans, the commission was “very close to the decision to initiate this process”.


Timmermans has the Polish ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice this week invited to Brussels to talk about the situation. According to EU sources, the Poles are not in the invitation. The Polish government had previously know the “interference” from Brussels as interference in internal affairs to see and rejects the criticism.

The EU commissioner reiterated that “our hand remains extended to the Polish government for dialogue” but warned that “nothing the commission stops to take measures if necessary.”

According to the Polish president Andrzej Duda, the reforms are necessary, because the Poles are not satisfied with the way the law works. Timmermans sent earlier recommendations to the Polish government to the rule of law in line with EU rules. Next week follows a third opinion.


According to Timmermans affect the four new laws, each separately though the independence of the judiciary in the country, but all four together “to bring them under the full political control of the government”. “From the time of their appointment to their retirement will be the judges to her pipes and dancing.”

The ruling y, Law and Justice (PiS) has, since its election victory in 2015, working on the influence of the government on the state-owned media, courts and the Public Ministry to expand. So the prime minister Beata Szydlo that the parliament control over the appointment of judges in the country.

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