Brussels fashion brand Alexa Fairchild breaks with classic fashion system

Alexa Fairchild is a brand that the seasons down beside her explains, gender-neutral fashion presents, and only in Europe produces. Under the heading of ‘Freedom Tribe’ to the founders – even more so than a brand – a lifestyle focused on free spirits.

New Brussels fashion brand Alexa Fairchild © Alexa Fairchild

Alexa Fairchild is a family project of the American-Belgian family of Fairchild. Oldest daughter Alexa is the creative director and co-manager, mother is co-manager and head of marketing, the youngest daughter Natasha is visual manager and father, Stephen, is the counselor.

The board of Stephen and Erin is also worth its weight in gold, because they both have a lot of experience in the fashion world. Stephen is not only the son of John B. Fairchild, publisher, Women’s Wear Daily and W and external relations; he also worked for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Valentino. Today, he is Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Pandora.

New Brussels fashion brand Alexa Fairchild © Alexa Fairchild

It worked for Giorgio Armani, the modecommunicatiebedrijf KCD, Calvin Klein and Valentino. After some years of absence, she returns as modeprofessional together with her daughter Alexa, the brand to lead.

The family Fairchild has American roots, but it has been seventeen years ago set in Brussels. “It is our home, we feel good here and the Belgians are super friendly”, sounds at the pater familias Stephen.

Sport & mode

Alexa is the creative brain of the brand. “I have two passions: horseback riding and fashion. I try to get the two to combine’, says the oldest member of the Fairchild family. In addition to designing for her brand, she trains to be also to take part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the category of dressage.

The sporty inspiration is also told by Stephen and Natasha, the waves climb on their surfboards. The look of the label does therefore think of streetwear, and is very comfortable.


Grandma Mo as a model for Alexa Fairchild © Alexa Fairchild

It is striking that on the web shop, no distinction is made between men and vrouwenstuks. “Our clothes are designed primarily for women, but a man can easily wear. We have our clothes, deliberately not divided up in looks for men or women because we believe that everyone – man, woman, straight, gay, transgender – should be able to wear whatever he or she wants. My sister contributes, for example, prefer the wide version of our leather jacket, which also is greatly appreciated by a lot of men, ” explains Alexa.

In addition, breaks Alexa Fairchild also with the concept of seasons in fashion. ‘Every few weeks, we will drops do, where we add new items. You can use our clothes for all seasons wear and all the items with each other combine’, it sounds. “No one is waiting on yet another new fashion brand, but let us not stop it. We choose to do things differently than the classical course of business and on that way, the system days.”

New Brussels fashion brand Alexa Fairchild © Alexa Fairchild

Freedom Tribe

The models of service are the family members themselves, including the grandmother, Mo, and friends of the sisters of Fairchild. “It is not only a brand, but also a community of Freedom Tribers. Brave dreamers of all ages are a part of this tribe. Self-development, individuality and the pursuit of adventure are key for our brand.’

On the website from Alexa Fairchild, you can find footage and Q&A’s with the Freedom Tribers.

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