Brussels falls off as the host city for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020

Brussels falls off as the host city for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. That UEFA decides.

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The competitions in Brussels would be played (a quarter-final and three group matches), moving to the London Wembleystadion. “We had been a long time in negotiations with Brussels, and they were not able to us the necessary documents and to provide guarantees’, responded to UEFA boss Aleksander Ceferin.

“Experts have confirmed to us that the risk was too great. It seems that the stadium is too late ready. The closer the EK 2020 in addition, the more difficult it becomes to find an alternative.’

Brussels is losing its status as the host city because of the many unknowns about the yet to be built Eurostadion.

“We have to at the last moment, everything is done in order to reach the UEFA another delay to obtain but we respect their decision”, responds Koen De Brabander, CEO of the belgian football association.

“This decision means that our Red Devils their group matches in one of the other host cities will be complete, allowing our supporters over the whole of Europe will have to move,” explains The Dutchman.

“The lack of Euro 2020 will mean, however, is not necessarily the kiss of death for the stadiondossier. We absolutely need a new stadium with 45,000 seats and we hope that the competent ministers in January to demand the licence grant so that we have in our country finally have a stadium of the 21st century can be built.’

‘We continued to believe that we have the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020 could organize, but despite our efforts it has not succeeded”, said Gérard Linard, president of the Belgian football association. “We now only this decision of the UEFA to accept, even if he has different negative effects. We are suffering as bond, even if the problems around the construction of the stadium with us, to drama. Also for the image of Belgium and Brussels, this is not good news, and our country will be a significant income miss out on. For our fans it is also a bummer, since they will now have to travel during the tournament.”

Now the european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2020 not in Brussels will be played, and threatens the Eurostadion all the way on the loose sand. “But we hope that the stadium will still come”, said Linard. “The Belgian football deserves that. We have for the King baudouin stadium have a contract until may, and hope that that agreement be extended. The negotiations in this regard will follow in the coming months.’

City of Brussels takes note of the decision and still want the national stadium

‘The City of Brussels takes note of this decision”, that allows the cabinet of First alderman Alain Courtois (MR) know in a press release after the announcement of the deletion of Brussels as the host city for Euro 2020. Nevertheless, says the city is still his will for the construction of a national stadium. Courtois speaks meanwhile also his disappointment on Twitter.

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‘The City of Brussels confirms nevertheless its intention to provide a modern national stadium in the heart of the capital of Europe’, it sounds in a brief response. ‘To this end, it is ready to take part in any initiative of the different competent authorities.’ For the image of the City of Brussels and in addition, this can result in many millions in revenue. First alderman Alain Courtois and great pioneer of the project responded via Twitter.

‘Disappointment and bitterness. After 30 years we are still at the same point. Renovation by the public authority: not. A new stadium in collaboration with the private sector: not. Belgium, where is your ambition?”, ask Courtois.

Also Brussels Finance minister Guy Vanhengel showed from the beginning a leader of the project. “No comment”, is there to hear in his cabinet after UEFA the news, made known.

Vervoort decries lack of political willingness of all parties involved

“It is clear that such a project is not without that all interested parties have the political willingness to impose and I find that regrettable’. That explains Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort in a response to the decision of the UEFA to Brussels to be eliminated as a host city for the euro 2020 due to the uncertainty about the construction of a new stadium.

‘Brussels must accordingly take note and wonder if it is still necessary acts where the whole of Belgium can benefit from it. All the major capital cities have a stadium worth the name. Our country let in a saddening spectacle to see that one is not able to join forces around a project, that could provide a lot of economic activity and the influence of Brussels and of Belgium was able to increase,’ says the Brussels government.

Rudi Vervoort recalls that the Brussels government is the construction of a new stadium supported because the King baudouin stadium does not meet the standards.

Challenge and cdH are extremely critical of the approach of the Brussels city council

The jump off of the candidacy of Brussels as the host city for the euro 2020 is ‘a terrible blow to the international credibility of Belgium, caused by a bad strategic choice in the establishment of the project’. That is Brussels, member of parliament, and oppositielid in the Brussels city council, Fabien, He (DéFI).

As causes of the failure refers, He, inter alia, to ‘the strategy of Alain Courtois (MR) to the file only from the City of Brussels to lead, the blindness to the numerous negative opinions in the context of the administrative procedures, inability to out a project in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations and the refusal to have a plan B to work out. According to him, shows the end of the EK 2020-adventure-the need to stadiondossier all the way from zero to commemorate.

Also cdH is the failure of the candidacy of Brussels for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 ‘a huge blow’ for the town council, for the image of Brussels and for the federal government, which was unable to play a role as a referee and mediator. The file has been lost from the moment that the city of Brussels decided to set the future national stadium, outside the Brussels region, where the city no opportunity to really act. Even the need for the stadium is also the home base for a football club was never gebetonneerd, notice the party is still on.

The cdH decries the fact that the promise that the project is not at the Brussels belastingsbetaler would cost little by little discharged. “The decision of the UEFA, how unfortunate reasons, it can be an opportunity to put on a new base to restart with a location within the boundaries of the Brussels region and the preservation of the Memorial Van Damme in a European capital’, say the Brussels members of parliament Benoît Cerexhe, Joëlle Milquet , and Hamza Fassi-Fihri.

Johan Van den Driessche: ‘Pioneers of the stadium thought Messi or Ronaldo’

‘With the approach of the pioneers of the Eurostadion, who think they are Messi and Ronaldo were, pay our country and the Brussels a heavy price’, responds Johan Van den Driessche, N-VA leader in the Brussels parliament and the Brussels city council on the decision of the UEFA to Brussels, no longer as the host city for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. He sees no other option than to start with a white sheet, and the renovation of the King baudouin stadium in eight to take.

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‘The pioneers of the Eurostadion must, however, agree well in their own heart’, says Van den Driessche. ‘They knew from the beginning that the buurtweg and the conformity with the Flemish rules of spatial planning, major obstacles could be for a licence.’

The absence of the building permit is the Eurostadion ultimately fatal. Football club RSC Anderlecht hooked early on in the project, there was no solution for the Memorial Van Damme and the renovation of the King baudouin stadium was not taken into account.

These are all things that lead to in the eyes of the Driessche a restart. ‘I call upon the initiators of the project for the destination of car park C with a white sheet to start, and, together with Flanders and the near to go after what on that location is best happens. In addition, the degradation of the King baudouin stadium be stopped and the serious work of a renovation of this stadium to be a hip place, ” says the N-VA.

‘Missed opportunity for our country’

By the worries about the build Eurostadion on car park C, the European football body UEFA on Thursday decided to Brussels permanently deleted as a venue for Euro 2020. Via Twitter, it’s raining reactions. “I know the dossier, but this had never the outcome may be,” responded Marc Coucke, president of KV Oostende.

‘100 million euro loss for Brussels hotel and catering industry and related activities, Belgian fans should be unnecessary to move elsewhere and money to spend, Red Devils lose their home advantage and Belgium suffered enormous reputational damage’, says Coucke. “I know the case is not, but I know one thing for sure: this was never the outcome may be. So gobble up the Belgian administrative and institutional bureaucratic monster to further the prosperity of our future generations. Politicians do hard their best, but the monster surpasses them.’

Other reactions via Twitter: ‘No european football CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 in Belgium… Big players, small voetballand’, tweette ex-Red Devil Geert De Vlieger, who is not misverstaanbare hashtag ‘prutsermaaroplos’ bijzette.

Also Red Devil Christian Kabasele shared his opinion. “If we’re not even a Belgian compromise may come, is going to be really bad,” says the defender of Watford on Twitter.

“What an incredible missed opportunity for our country. Economical, sporty, image. Disastrous. Failed file. Number of policy makers, sent from the start to failure’ left Mep Ivo Belet (CD&V) recording. ‘Better no stadium than a bad stadium that goes against all logic and rules and not partners. Time to think about renovation of the Heysel’, responded to Brussels SP.A politician Jef Van Damme. ‘Belgium in 2017. More international sound than generous to others. #fail’, tweette deputy prime minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD).

‘Brussels is in need of decent football, as the European capital a pity that we EK not welcome. It is high time for a project with public support, with transparency, sharing, Green party leader Kristof Calvo.

‘No longer any reason to continue with a project on Car park C’

For Bart Laeremans of the Grimbergen oppositielijst Renewal, there is now no longer any reason to continue with the project of a national stadium at Parking C of the Heizel. The founders must, according to him look ahead to another location, on the territory of the Brussels region, where no mobility issues.

Laeremans points out that the resistance of Renewal against the project because of the necessary delay has made that the UEFA Brussels as the host city for the euro 2020 deleted. Common sense says that the project must dispose of, ” he says.

If you still have a national stadium, it must be on the Brussels territory are to be built. Laeremans refers to previously launched alternatives, such as the renovation of the King baudouin stadium or Schaerbeek Formation. A ‘preferred option would be the stadium near a light rail station should be scheduled because of mobiliteitsredenen and inconvenience on the ring road to avoid,” says Bart Laeremans, who also points to the major work on the Ring in the coming years for a lot of discomfort. He also emphasizes that there is no tijdsdwang more, and that the alternatives quiet can be examined. Also the suggestion of the belgian football association to the Red Devils alternately in different clubstadions to play, must be included, Laeremans

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