Bruno Pieters on sustainable label, Honest By, “I am finally proud of myself’

Honest By, the label of Belgian designer Bruno Pieters, honest fashion. For his collections, no-one needs to see: no slave labor, no suffering and no bad conscience for the consumer.

Fashion Revolution © Bruno Pieters

In 2010 realized Bruno Pieters that he could no longer be grounded in the conventional fashion. He was burned out and got a burn-out. He stopped at Hugo Boss and doekte also his own label. After two years of the radar to disappear, a period in which he traveled, he made his comeback with Honest By in 2012. His new fashion label is durable, transparent, but, above all, luxurious and neo-classical.

In 2014 he founded the Future Fashion Designer Scholarship (FFDS), a scholarship for fashion students who aspires to a transparent and sustainable way to work.

How easy is it to get a completely transparent fashion brand to run?

Bruno Pieters: It’s a decision. And it’s one that everyone helps. Not only the consumer but also the entire network of people that works behind the scenes. The decision to be transparent or honest about our product was for me very difficult. Because I thought that the us vulnerable went. But it has made us stronger in the end made as a company .


If you are proud of your work then we share that love with an audience.

It helps me also to better mode. And yet, only the things to do where I can be proud of. If you are proud of your work then we share that love with an audience or a customer.

Meanwhile we are 4 years now and I have not complained.

At the beginning of Honest By, there were many similar brands. You are now already a few years busy, you have a rise of ethical fashion labels seen?

Bruno Pieters: For me there is no sustainable fashion or ethical fashion; there is single mode. Some designers and companies are producing fashion in an ethical and sustainable way and others don’t, or better: not yet. More and more people realize that every purchase has an influence and can make a difference. Of the katoenplukkers in Peru to the graphic designer in Antwerp. It is not independent of each other. It is now really clear that the problems that prevails in the fashion industry will not disappear, and that there is no design or advertising campaign good enough to be an ugly productieverhaal to hide.

Fashion Revolution © Bruno Pieters

You have the feeling that consumers the added value of a fair label to appreciate or they still more on the style of a brand? And they want a fair price to pay for it?

Bruno Pieters: I think the answer lies in your question. There are consumers and there are people. For me, consumers are individuals who buy without thinking and then you have the man. The man who is by definition compassionate and loving. People ask questions and want to know that what they buy also in a human way is made. The are also the people who bring change in the mode. We can all be human and some days we are all able consumer. It is not always obvious to a human but I find it a nice challenge.

How do you select the brands for collaborations on the site of Honest By?

Fashion Revolution © Bruno Pieters

Bruno Pieters: up To now were the collaborations very spontaneously. Designers invite in order to produce something exclusive to Honest By, we can’t do more. We are now contacted. What’s really nice is. Soon we will actually have a ‘Selection’ section on Honest By, where we have a selection of offering designers and brands in a responsible manner .

Which substances are the easiest to sustainable fashion? And which the hardest? You go actively looking for sustainable materials?

Bruno Pieters: The majority of suppliers with whom we work every fabric in every color and in every quality in a sustainable version produce. I don’t understand why people still think that this is difficult to do. The customer is king. That is still the case. I go in search of fabrics that I find beautiful, nothing more.

You pull of these ethical and ecological philosophy in your own life?

Bruno Pieters: Yes. I’m also quite proud of. What was needed. I’m not so proud of who I was. Already I was on the cover of a magazine. Still, it was a very superficial pride. Now, I am proud of myself. Sounds funny but it is also fun.

Do you believe in a time in which a brand name as ‘Honest By’ is superfluous and all fashion brands honest produce?


Honesty, truth, and love transcends everything and is unavoidable.

Bruno Pieters: There. It is beyond believe, it is know that it will be so. Not because I’m clairvoyant, but because honesty, truth, and love everything transcends and inevitable. We can save time if we we can put. It is up to each of us to the road to ‘fairness’ as pleasant as possible. I think that this is the only thing we have control over.


Antwerp is one of the European modehoofdsteden, but Antwerp is also the capital of the sustainable fashion? It is a question of where Villanella in collaboration with fashion designer Bruno Pieters, Plan C, 11.11.11, and the FFI itself will bend during the BEAUTIFUL Festival. Click here for tickets.

Fashion Revolution © Bruno Pieters


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