Brown wants to wholesale medicijnvoorraad for up to five months

Brown wants to wholesale medicijnvoorraad for up to five months

Wholesalers, and companies should, according to the minister, mr Bruins (Health Care, will are so many drugs available five months, the demand can be met. Brown is going over the next period of time to make arrangements for the medicijntekorten fast.

In this way, within a very short period of time, 85% of the problems with the medicijntekorten have been removed. The creation of the inventory should be within the next year to start. The plan of the Bruins will cost 25 million euros.

After two years, all the distributors are equipped with a sufficient number of “iron inventories”, as Brown calls them. The minister draws in so a lot of time, because some of the drugs but a certain number of times per year can be produced.

If there are now shortages occur and the need of the pharmacists and the wholesalers are less acute, and to search for alternatives. Also, they shouldn’t be forced to have expensive medicines to offer.

The law states that retailers of buffers, but they don’t say how large these reserves should be. Want to Brown it in a European context, argue that Europe should be less dependent on other countries for the production and sale of drugs.


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