Brothers Jussen: “Giving the career to a collaboration with Bruno Mars

Lucas (26), Arthur (23, left in photo), Jussen play from a very young age as well as the piano, and to apply in the year of 2019 as well as two of the most famous Dutch piano players. On their new album, they played music by the composer Bach, but they would be the best one-time exception, and with a popular artist like to work with.

Can you get Bach to the non-klassiekemuziekkenners to briefly introduce you?
Arthur: “It’s one of the greatest composers of classical music, you often have to go with Christmas and Easter. All of the composers who came after him, in one way or the other influenced by him, from Mozart and Beethoven, as well as contemporary jazz.”

Luke: “Bach’s well into the music and very little explanation. A lot of composers are writing exactly what they want to hear their piece performed: “this is the time-lag,” this is it faster or better. In Bach, this can work out for yourself.”

Six years ago, it did it’s “still too early” to Bach’s music, but now that the time is not yet ripe. Why is this the case?
Luke: “On the Bach are always a lot of opinions, and there is a huge tweesplitsing in. There is also a group that thinks that Bach is dry, it should be playing like he has played – and there’s a group that thinks that if you’re using music to do what you want to do. We believe that you have a clear thought of what to put down. It was a couple of years ago and yet, it was still not very good. That’s over now.”

Arthur: “There is a period of time has passed, we experience a richer and more ripe.”

You say that Bach is perhaps the more difficult he was to be a pianist to understand it. What makes it so hard?
Luke: “Composers, such as Mozart and Schubert to create melodies that everyone can meeneuriën. For Bach, you need to be in a certain mood, it was almost in a trance. He doesn’t have the melodies as well as tunes from many different composers, as you know.”

A lot of well-known peers of the same age have to deal with negative comments on social media sites. Have any of you out there suffering from?
Luke: “Our target audience is a bit older, but there are, of course, a lot of things you said. We don’t get to be with loads of kids, but, have, however, agreed with each other that when it does happen, we will not let him.”

What is it like to be at such a young age is so serious about his music?
Luke: “We’ll have to play as a piano should never be, if the work is seen, and it still does not work. As a kid, it was just one of our hobbies, and that he or she has developed to the point where we are right now, I’m very happy with it.”

Arthur: “I’ve never had the feeling that there’s something I’ve missed in my life. We have worked hard and studied, but, apart from that we had a childhood like any other child. We have been to all of the parties have been, could we have the next day for a concert, and the others were able to sleep in a bit. This is what happens when you’re a certain level you want to achieve, take some time to get to the point to have a shapely a musician to develop.”

You guys always play together, but have you ever tried it with someone else?
Luke: “Yeah, that was really crazy. I am hoping that I have no one to insult, but it didn’t have to do it. Arthur and I have known each other for more than twenty years of playing together feels so natural. To be with someone else, you start from the ground up. It is the allerfijnst if it is it’s own accord.”

Arthur: “we are glad to have to have a difference of opinion. The music is refreshing, different ideas are interesting. Of course, you have to be right here to find out.”

Players to have ever collaborated with modern artists, such as Wibi Soerjadi, with DI-RECT. Would you be up for such a collaboration to be open?
Luke: “The klassiekemuziekwereld is what I love to do, be a little conservative. The image is very important, and if you are such a trip would take, to get from a range of a quick punch that a commercial is in progress. But, as Bruno Mars, our favorite artist – for us to come back, we’ll be there to be our career on it.”

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