Brooklyn dog found in a plastic bag with mouth closed pasted survives

Saint Vincent is reported to have been discovered in Brooklyn, tied up in a garbage bag with its mouth closed is stuck.

(New York Bully Crew)

An old dog that was discovered in Brooklyn, tied up in a garbage bag with its mouth close pasted is expected to make a full recovery.

Saint Vincent, probably a shepherd mix about 10 years old, was rescued Tuesday after someone found him wrapped in garbage bags next to a trash can and contacted the authorities, according to the New York Post.

“He was deliberately placed to die,” Carla Mohan, of the animal rescue organization New York Bully Crew, told 1010 WINS. “He was there to choke.”

The dog, reported to be “docile and friendly,” not only was it recently abused, a veterinarian, told WABC — he was subjected to a life.

“This did not happen overnight or in the course of a few days, this is the continuing neglect and abuse, just let him lie in his own urine and feces to the point that he has developed massive infections,” Dr. Levitzke said.

Although Saint Vincent seems to be doing well after his rescue, when he was found in the bag, “he was barely breathing.”

“For anyone to just tape this dog muzzle is close… they are monsters.”

– Craig Fields, New York Bully Crew

“He was bleeding from the nose, as I have already said, his mouth was taped,” Mohan told WABC. “He was treated in the urine. He has the complete urine burns all over his body.”

Doctors believe Saint Vincent would have stood with the sword stuck in the garbage for a week.

“He’s been laying down for a long time, so he has wounds on his body, he has urine burn,” Dr. Philip Fico, of the Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group where St. Vincent is being treated, told 1010. “We are working with the wounds, we have shaved down the hair to the care of the skin and the things that are broken down in the urine.”

New York Bully Crew Craig Fields told the New York Post that he did not realize that Saint Vincent was at first thinking “it was road kill or a dead raccoon or something.”

(New York Bully Crew)

Craig Fields, also of the New York Bully Crew, told the New York Post Saint Vincent, the treatment was “just straight abuse. I can’t even wrap my head around it, how someone could do this with a dog. For anyone who just tape this dog muzzle is close… they are monsters. There is a monster there, did that.”

But despite what he’s gone through, Dr. Fico says of Saint Vincent was “doing OK. He hangs there.” However, Fields told the Post the dog has tumors, and is undergoing medical tests to determine why his back legs don’t work.

“It is a heartbreaking story to see this kind of stuff and I wish that we could say that for the first time. You wonder how someone can do something,” Dr. Fico said. “He had been so afraid to sit there and have someone do it for him.”


The workers hope that those who are responsible for Saint Vincent’s abuse are recognized or admit to their crimes “so there can be some justice,” Dr. Levitzke said.

The New York Bully Crew hopes to “erase the horrible thing that happened to him, so that’s not his last memory,” says Mohan. “He deserves better. He deserves more. He deserves unconditional love.”

The Crew also has plans to find a loving family for the dog once he is medically cleared.

A reward of $4,500 for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person who is abused in Saint Vincent, is offered by the authorities.

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