Bronx Zoo kangaroo gets cold therapy for arthritis

Dave, a kangaroo who calls the Bronx Zoo home, is the reception of a low-temperature cryotherapy treatment for arthritis.

(Animal Planet Network via AP)

It is cold here for a New York City resident.

Dave, a kangaroo who lives in the Bronx Zoo, has been getting cryotherapy treatment for her arthritis, the New York Daily News reports.

“He is kind of an older gentleman now. He has a couple of age-related problems; he has arthritis and stiffness in his joints,” zoo director Jim Breheny told the newspaper of the almost 15-year-old marsupial.

Cryotherapy is a high-tech alternative to ice baths, which people have used for years.

“A lot of people are not aware of how many zoos have developed in the past forty to fifty, sixty, a hundred years,” Breheny said. “Modern zoos in the 21st century, not only the care of the animals and show them to the public — we work for the species.”


Dave’s saga with localized cryotherapy treatment is set to be documented by Animal Planet’s latest season of ‘The Zoo’, which kicked off the Saturday night. The animal was to be seen the icy treatment for the first time during the second season premiere.

“I think that if I’m noticing a difference now, it is in my head, it’s wishful thinking,” Kathleen Lamatina, the collection manager for program animals, said in the episode. “I know that this is cumulative, it’s not going to happen immediately. The plan is to have a few more sessions, see how it goes. He’s not going to be really good.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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