Broadcasters reject Dekkers plan for free tv packages

Broadcasters reject Dekkers plan for free tv packages

Outgoing state secretary Sander Dekker (Media, VVD) wants the mandatory tv-basic package, delete and viewers to their own channel package compiled. The Association of Commercial Broadcasters (VCO) and the NPO are here on at.

“This weakens the bargaining power of especially the small commercial broadcasters compared to the distributors. Especially now that the distributors have their own channels and services will develop; that they, of course, give priority,” says SCC secretary Peter Arnold in conversation with NRC.

Dekker, who his plan through a letter to the Second Chamber announced, is planning the statutory obligation that distributors are forcing to at least thirty television channels and 25 radio channels in a standard package, to stop, to abolish. However, he wants to continue to require public service broadcasters to provide.


But also the NPO is against the plans of Dekker: “The mandatory channel package is there just to protect the consumer. Abolish is not in his interest. You smaller, more expensive and less attractive packages,” says a spokesman at the newspaper.

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