‘Broadcasters are not happy with online plans of NPO’

‘Broadcasters are not happy with online plans of NPO’


The broadcasters are not satisfied with the online plans of the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO), NRC Handelsblad after a tour of omroepdirecteuren, makers and spokespersons.

“It’s tug of war if we have something more on YouTube want to do than to advertise for our programs,” says VPRO-director, Lennart van der Meulen against the newspaper.

The broadcasters are of the opinion that a ban on the posting of long excerpts on social media and YouTube have the opposite effect on the young people, an audience who understand today difficult to achieve for the NPO.

Where the broadcasters a whole episode on YouTube want to want to keep the NPO foot piece, with fragments of up to five minutes.


Also the plan of NPO to an on-demand channel to establish in Hilversum, is still not taken seriously. “As long as we have no decent video player, get, need me not,” says Publicity chief Dominique Weesie. The omroepbaas points to NPO Missed those videos in a low resolution streams.

“We get e-mails from viewers,” says Lara Ankersmit of the NOS. “I think the public are now so annoyed because YouTube and Netflix are fully established. They expect the same quality.” The NPO is the transmission of higher-quality streams to expensive.

NPO director French Small declines in the NRC to respond, because he doesn’t want to move forward on the ongoing discussions with the broadcasters.

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