Brittany Murphy’s half-brother is of the opinion that she was murdered, coroner are wrong: ‘Only in Hollywood’

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Brittany Murphy’s half-brother in the star’s death in 2009, was the murder, in spite of what the coroner ruled at the time.

Tony Bertolotti to believe that there was so much more to the story as the actress ‘ half-sister, collapsed in the Beverly Hills home she shared with husband Simon Monjack. Her husband dying about five months later, under similar circumstances, has only been strengthened Bertolotti’s theory that there is more to the game, in the household of her mother, Sharon, was also present.


“If you do it from a distance, it is just the same as it is here, it is this one young lady, a pretty, healthy girl, and she is at home with her alleged husband, and a mother, and she died. How ridiculous is that? It’s only in Hollywood that is considered to be a different day at the zoo. No one will take her to the hospital, which is only four miles away,” he told The Daily Mail, on the tenth anniversary of her death. “I’ve had years of looking at it, suppressing my own anger. I think that Brittany’s had been. Who killed Brittany? She didn’t want to die of a natural cause.”

Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack, died just five months apart from each other.

The Los Angeles coroner Ed Winter ruled at the time that Murphy’s death was caused by pneumonia, an iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication.

Bertolotti said Murphy’s father, Angelo, went to his grave believing that Monjack’s alleged negative influence of the star’s life, one way or another led to her death. Although there is little concrete evidence of a murder, Bertolotti, points to his brother-in-law’s allegedly bad business transaction, and liabilities, as further proof that Murphy has been killed.

“I don’t know what the business decisions they were making at the time, but it’s [the dead] have a good business relationship with me. I’ve heard all sorts of nonsense, so what is it? I don’t believe that any of the drugs in the line, which is a lot, I just don’t buy it. I’m pretty sure that it had to be something to play around with it. However, Brittany is a conservative, and with that, she was a bright girl,” he said.


Bertolotti has been vocal for years about his distaste for the House’s husband. Shortly before his death, he was publicly that he was not mourning the loss at all.

Brittany Murphy’s (right) half-brother to love her in death was her husband, Simon Monjack (left).
(AP Photo/Peter Kramer, File)

“I don’t care that he’s passed on,” Tony told Life & Style Weekly at the time. “I think it will be to prevent this from happening to other young women. But he did, and it was a service to humanity.”

He added: “You’ve got to get back to the money. Jimmy Hendrix is dead, but the money continued to flow for many, many, many, many years to come. Sometimes, it is to be an actress, it is worth more dead than alive. You have to look at who’s collecting the money? I don’t know. Every time the film comes to a person who paid to get in. Anyone who has the money and knows the truth.”

Unfortunately, Bertolotti says that he is not in a position to investigate the half-sister of the dead on his own. However, he continues to speculate as to the various conspiracy theories that have taken place in the last ten years, and, with respect to the “Clueless” star’s passing.


“You’ve got to turn around to look at Brittany to make up your mind. Who was the controller? Who was it who was running the show?” he thought. “I don’t have proof of anything. If I did, I would have blown it off in 10 years.”

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