British provider stops cooperation with Huawei

The British provider BT no longer uses equipment of the Chinese company Huawei are telecommasten. Several countries recently took similar decisions, out of fear of Chinese espionage.

BT was one of the first providers outside of China that Huawei equipment for telecommasten used, writes the Financial Times. The equipment was always kept away from the most sensitive parts of the network where private data were processed.

In 2016 used BT yet Huawei hardware in the core network, because the provider competitor EE took over. EE had in its 4G network of Huawei equipment.

Which Huawei devices are now out of the telecommasten and networks of the company removed. Huawei is also excluded from negotiations on equipment for the 5G network of the provider.

Huawei is a Chinese technology company that is primarily known for its smartphones. The techgigant however, it makes for a much longer time equipment in telecommasten is used.

Huawei let know in a comment that spionagegevaar is not the reason why BT stops equipment from the Chinese company. “The phasing-out of 4G equipment at BT is part of the acquisition of EE by BT.”

BT and Huawei continue to cooperate, writes Huawei.

More and more countries are afraid of espionage

More and more countries and providers, steps off of Huawei equipment, out of fear that the Chinese government allows spioneert. In the United States, Australia and New Zealand is the hardware of the company is no longer allowed. The U.S. would other countries try to persuade you to follow suit.

The British government has, to date, no concrete choice is made. The boss of the secret service called to tend to that quickly.

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