British premier May do not want that to Trump European unity undermines

British premier May do not want that to Trump European unity undermines

The British prime minister Theresa May wants the American president Donald Trump during their first meeting, calls the European unity, not to undermine it. May stressed Saturday the importance to a strong EU.

It is notable that May was a lance will break for the European unit. The British population decided last year in a referendum from the EU.

That means, according to the premier, however, that London has no value attaches to European cooperation, ” she said Saturday in an interview with The Financial Times.

“I want the EU to remain strong and I want to in the future as a strong and strategic partnership with the EU”, said May at the business daily. “It is important for security issues. With the threats that we must face is not the time for less cooperation.”

The premier also said to expect that Trump “the importance of the NATO will acknowledge”. The new president called the military alliance earlier “outdated”. Also welcomed he the British decision to the EU to leave.

Timeline: This happened after the Brexit

‘No illusions’

The Kremlin said Saturday, also on relations with the United States. Russia does not assume that all of a sudden improve with the arrival of Donald Trump.

“It would be a big mistake to us about illusions,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday against Russian media. The relationship with Washington will also in the future “is not free of contradictions and disagreements.”

President Vladimir Putin will in the next few days with Trump to call to congratulate him on his arrival, but there will be weeks, if not months of preparations to a possible meeting in advance of.


Trump has for his gain said relations with, among others, Moscow and want to improve. The relationship since the Cold War is no longer so cool. The US accused Moscow, among others, of the elections have affected via cyber-attacks.

Peskov denied that Moscow Trump has supported. “He is not our man, he’s American.”

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