British health care system registers prostheses and implants in a new system

British health care system registers prostheses and implants in a new system

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The British health care system is going to start with the printing of barcodes on breast implants, heupprotheses and similar medical products.

With this new system, each unique drug and implant are recorded, so clear who is in possession of these products. According to the British secretary of state for health, Jeremy Hunt, this may be many unnecessary deaths occur.

“Every week are dying people because they do not proper care have been”, let him know to BBC. “So have there operations have taken place and people have the wrong implants. Thanks to the barcode technology we are able to a lot of this kind of accidents.”

With the new system enables surgeons to, for example, due to statistics or a particular type of implant is more effective than another. Also is it clear when something needs to be replaced.


Six Uk hospitals join with a test, which should reveal whether the barcode system is indeed effective. According to estimates, can after seven years of approximately one billion pound cost care.

The idea arose after the PIP scandal, where thousands of women worldwide were victims. They had the PIP breast implant, which has a higher probability of cracks and leaks by the use of cheap, industrial-grade silicone. The founder of the French company was to four years in prison when sentenced.

In november 2014 it was announced that the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery, breast implants will register, to any dangerous occurrences previously may be detected.

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