British diplomat swipes to the French Ambassador about the ditch on U.S. relations: “We are no lessons”

nearvideo trump tries to soothe relations with the UK

President Trump backtracks on comments about the Prime Minister, Can the processing of Brexit; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports from London.

UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, fired back at a claim by the outgoing French Ambassador to the United States, Britain’s influence in Washington, DC has “disappeared” — said the British “no lessons” from the French, with good relations with America.

“Mon cher ami [Gerard Araud] I’m sure you enjoyed make hay with the British temporary Brexit effort, but until there is a French President bust in the Oval Office, we take no lessons in good relations with Washington,” hunt tweeted, along with a picture of a President Trump and the British Prime Minister Theresa May standing next to the bust of the former PM Winston Churchill.


In his tweet, the emoji indication of the tweet was a tongue-in-cheek, perhaps, was to be taken lightly-but it comes after Araud, who is leaving his post as France’s representative in Washington, said that the British influence is gone.

“The United Kingdom is gone,” Araud, The Financial Times said. “The British Ambassador said to me — and I loved it— that every time the British military is meeting with the American military, the Americans speak of the French.”

Araud has been a bit of a tear when he leaves the capital, resulting in a series of interviews in which he weighed in on current Affairs in the often undiplomatic language.

In an interview with foreign policy last week, he’s a strong contrast between the presidency of Barack Obama, and Trump signed.


“On the one hand, you have the ultimate bureaucrat, an introvert, had, basically, a bit aloof, a very private President. A bit arrogant, but basically, someone who every night you had to go to bed with 60-page briefings and the next day they were sent back, commented the President,” he said, referring to Obama.

“And all of a sudden you have this President who is an extrovert, really a big mouth, who reads basically nothing, or almost nothing, with the interagency process is completely broken and decisions from the hip, so to speak.”

Outgoing Ambassador of France to the United States Gerard Araud said the UK’s influence in Washington has “disappeared.” (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

Britain and France had moved in turbulent relations with the USA since Trump to the White house. The White house announced on Tuesday that Trump will travel to the two countries in June for the anniversary of the D-Day landings — on a state visit to London.

Trump has again and again, the UK supports the move away from the European Union, and recently, a “large-scale Deal with the United Kingdom” as soon as it is criticised of leaves, but also Can deal with the negotiations.


Meanwhile, Trump, the French President Emmanuel Macron described as “perfect” when he visited the White house last year, before the relationship begin to sour over issues such as the NATO-financing, rates, and Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.

To protect the Macron on the island of mull, a European army, “we find ourselves in relation to China, Russia, and the United States of America” — the led Trump at the time of the French capitulation to Germany in the second world war, and to knock Macron low approval ratings.

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