British Airways passengers slams ‘very uncomfortable’ in the 9-hour flight, the carrier is offering to apologize to the

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Whether you’re a frequent flier, or have flown at a passenger aircraft once it is in your life, here are five things you need to know about the passenger planes.

Reps for British Airways have apologised to a passenger after the seat and the entertainment screen was broken, along with the bathroom door during the flight.

Mark the Chalk, to be paid $1,062 to his recent flight from Mumbai to London, slammed the airline after he was given a flatbread with the meal, which looked like “rats that had been given to it.”

The chalk, of Bingley, West Yorkshire, England, complained on Twitter after the meal, while the ten-hour flight.

The 38-year-old posted on Twitter: “don’t have a good race. A broken seat that kept reclining, it’s amazing, you feel the temperature is below zero. Food that looked like rats had gotten to it first, and even on the door of the toilet, and fell in midflight. Oh well, at least I can watch some movies for about 9.5 hours. No, I’m sorry.”


Another picture of the chicken curry and provides an object-that’s what he says turns out to be a herb with the stem.

The man was not in a position to have the entertainment system on board, as he explains in the video that the machine was not able to get into position.

He also said that the door of the toilet, it fell out of his chair, it was broken and it was freezing cold in the cabin during a flight earlier this month.

“I was just disappointed with the food. Normally, it’s fine if I do it that way, which is on the same flight a lot. I think it’s a plant stalk or something, but it was very hard and woody,” Chalk said.

He, too, was left in a daze due to the hole in the toilet, adding: “The door of the toilet was completely out of my hands. The flight attendant said that she had never seen in her 15 years of service.

“She doesn’t believe that anyone should be confused about how to exit, and is push too hard. They are just clipped on and can come off with enough force,” he said.

The passenger said that it was not the only problem, in a cold cabin, and large comfortable chairs.


“The heat was a problem, because it was super cold and the seat was very uncomfortable,” he stated. “Anything for the lady behind me in her drawer, I can feel it through the seat.”

“The plane seemed quite old, so maybe that’s the reason why,” Chalk said.


A spokesman for British Airways said: “We are very proud of the quality of the service we provide to the board, and will invest $8.1 billion for our clients and for the renewal of our aircraft fleet and improve the catering in all cabins. We are very sorry that our standards fell below our client’s expectations on this occasion.”

However, this is not the only time that people have been complaining about the food on national airlines.


In July, a passenger, was very upset to be served fare that looked like “dog food” at $875 a flight from Texas to London.

Erik Booher, of Houston, and shared a photo of the flight on what appears to be chicken and vegetables in a set with a creamy sauce and an unidentifiable dish that looks like it was scooped out of a pond.

A passenger, Sandra and Arthur did complain after the service of a “weak and vile” was a $1,500 and a flight.

After raising the issue, and she was a cold truth in its place.

One woman even said she was left bed-ridden, during her holiday, and after served moldy food while traveling in the business class with the airline.

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