Britain’s Ambassador sucked in to the hype about the trump card baby balloon, calls protest ‘irrelevant’ and out of touch

The baby blimp from President Trump is due to fly over London this week.


OLDHAM, England – The U.S. Ambassador to great Britain on Wednesday played down the hype about a huge balloon, say a baby, the President of Trump by the float in the streets of London in protest of his visit this week-it reflects the opinion of the majority of the British.

Trump comes in the UK on Thursday for a three-day working visit where he is scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Queen Elizabeth II.

His visit is expected to met with a series of protests in various cities, including London, where the 19-foot-Trump balloon is expected to fly over the Parliament on Friday. To keep the U.S. Embassy has a travel warning on Tuesday about the demonstrations, warning U.S. travelers of London to “a low profile.”

But, while the balloon is in substantial media coverage both in the UK and the US Ambassador Woody Johnson has said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that he sees the balloon as out-of-touch with the wider views of the British public.

“It’s really kind of irrelevant for what we do try, and I do not think that it is certainly not the opinion of the British people I met,” he said. “And I have the last eight months around the country, meeting people and their view of all kinds of people, whether politicians or people working in the factories…I don’t believe that at all.”

London mayor Sadiq Khan, a frequent Trump critic, gave his consent for the balloon floated, a spokesman said last week that the mayor “supports the right to peaceful protest and understand that this can take many different forms.”

Ambassador Johnson’s mood was also spoke of a number of inhabitants in the North of England, with Fox News this week. You say, whether you agree with the President or not, he deserves respect as America’s leader.

“I think this is absolutely disgusting,” Eugene Bibby, a domestic appliance repair shop in the Tommy field market in Oldham, told Fox News about the balloon. “The mayor of London should be ashamed of themselves.”


In the meantime, other activists in London-were you fast money to start your own balloon of the Khan, in protest against crime in the capital. As of Wednesday, had raised campaign, £45,000, it is the goal of £50,000 (approximately $66,000).

Nona Hurkmans, one of the activists behind the infantile inflatable Trump, said the balloon was claimed to be a fair answer to Trump one’s own behavior and belittles that Trump deserves more respect.

“We had a lot of questions respect,” she told Sky News. “It’s a balloon, it is just a balloon.”

Fox News’ Chris Irvine contributed to this report.


Adam Shaw is a reporter covering the American and European politics for Fox News.. He can be reached.

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