Bristol Palin opens up about her decision to join “Teen Mom OG’

Bristol Palin opens up about her decision to join “Teen Mom OG’ in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.


Bristol Palin is ready for people to get a glimpse into her private life.

ET caught up with the 27-year-old reality star, where she opened up about why she decided to join the upcoming season of “Teen Mom OG” and how she believes that her children will respect her decision.

“I have decided to join ‘Teen Mom’ because of a lot of reasons. I read this book recently and it was all about turning your wounds in other people’s wisdom and your pain into a person’s healing, and your breakdown to someone else’s breakthrough,” she began.

“It’s really changed my perspective on a lot of things, and made me realize that God gave me a platform that was to serve others, and if I can do that with this show, you know, to let people know that they are not alone, and there are the same struggles across the nation. So that is the reason why I decided to do it. It was to hopefully encourage others and to let them know that life is not over after a divorce.”

Bristol Palin Gives Insight Into What Led to Her Divorce From Dakota Meyer

Palin and her ex, Dakota Meyer, split in February after a year and a half of marriage. In August, she confirmed that they are “freshly divorced.”

The two share two daughters together, 2-year-old Sailor and 1-year-old Atlee. Palin is also the mother of the 9-year-old son, Tripp, from her relationship with Levi Johnston. Prior to letting cameras into her life, Palin says that she lived a fairly normal life.

“People don’t realize that I have a normal job for several years,” she explained.

“I worked at a doctor’s office for almost eight years before I moved to Texas. So my life is a great idea. I got busy, it was a planned pregnancy, 100 percent, and the marriage part of it just didn’t work out. So I felt like my life was together and I was definitely ready for a child, but I was not ready for marriage a part of that.”

Bristol Palin Says Mom Sarah Palin and Her “Life Is Not Perfect’ in ‘Teen Mom OG’ Trailer

She also shows that she “100 percent” felt as if she and Meyer rush into a marriage. “I think that our marriage was something that was very fast, and he would agree also,” she said.

“There is a lot of things that we probably both wanted that we would have done differently. I think there are a lot of things that we advise our children to do, absolutely.”

Last week, a trailer for “Teen Mom OG” was released it turned out that Bristol to explain what led to her divorce from Meyer. The mother of three shared that Meyer, a United States Marine, had to face since returning home from Afghanistan.

“My husband, Dakota, has trouble with PTSD and it is hard on our marriage,” she admitted in the sneak peek. “We do not know how to co-exist together. I don’t want to raise my children to think that this is what a marriage looks like, you know.”

During the ET interview, Palin had nothing but good things to say about the father of her daughters, admitted that times were hard.

Bristol Palin ‘s Ex-Husband and Dakota Meyer Opens up About Divorce: “She Was not Happy With Me’

“I have a teaser on the show where I have it to my mother [Sarah Palin] said, ‘I go to sleep, knowing that I tried my best,'” she explained. “And I do go to sleep at night, knowing that I tried my best. It Is a shame how things have ended up? Absolutely. But I go to bed knowing that I have given it my all.”

“He is a great father and I would never say anything about him as a father, because he has blown my expectations,” she added. “And I know that he got all the help in the world if they are at his house, and I have respect for him as a father.”

Palin, however, is moving on and hopes that her story can help other single mothers. So she has regrets of letting cameras into her house? She does admit to having some moments where she wants, she would be turned off.

“If my children are overwhelmed, I can feel it,” she confessed. “Or ‘They should go to bed.” But the crew is great and they respect those boundaries.”

“Teen Mom OG” premieres Oct. 1 on MTV.

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