Brisket bandit accused of swiping smoked, raw meat from St. Louis-restaurants

A catering company outside of St. Louis said a man stole raw beef from the walk-in cooler on 6 March.


St. Louis-area police are looking for a tough brisket bandit accused of stealing from smoked and raw slabs of barbecue meat on the end of the day.

The fearless foodie’s last hit on March 12th at Callier’s Catering in Ballwin, such as security footage showed him that from the walk-in cooler with raw beef, the owner told Fox2Now.

“I would love to have the video on the TV because the people that would look it would say,” I’ve seen those guys,'” Dennis Callier said.

The incident happened around lunchtime and the thief loaded the beef in a white pick-up truck waiting outside while his partner brought back pallets and items from a hardware store in addition to the caterer.

“I know that it is not only happening to me,” Callier said.

The police in the St. Louis area are investigating several reports of the chest is stolen from the restaurants.


Salt + Smoke restaurant in St. Louis was hit twice on March 6 and Jan. 28, Fox2Now reported, with staff telling the police that in both cases, the meat was missing after the stainless-steel doors of a smoker that were affected.

In the 6 March incident, an employee of the restaurant said he saw a man standing between the two smokers and when approached, the man claimed that he tried to “warm-up” and hurried off.

The police said that the suspect was driving a Chrysler 300 and made several trips back and forth from the car to the smoker.

The suspect has not been established, but police described him as a white man in his 40s, about 6 feet long, with a brown mustache and beard.

And it is not the first time that a criminal had a craving for brisket.

The police in San Antonio in 2015, arrested a man accused of stealing beef from a restaurant after a wild chase involving guns, a burning house, heroin and two carjackings.

Before Alan Meneley was taken into custody on April 14 of that year, he had stolen a truck and lost troopers in pursuit of him, a police spokesman told KSAT. He then set a mobile home on fire, stole a red Corvette at gunpoint and led police on another chase before wrecking the sports car, the spokesman added.

Meneley told officials that he had swallowed an “eight ball of heroin during his arrest and tried to escape, while getting an X-ray in a local hospital, authorities said. He is now serving time in prison, according to inmate records.

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