“Bring the hippies back, disturb the order

Knack Focus-columnist and author P. B. Gronda makes a call for more such as in the sixties to life. ‘Empire-building is now accepted by almost the whole population. That is too crazy for words?

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It has, of course, makes little sense, but imagine that you are in your early years in the sixties, have lived. And even in your old years. What a time, what a turnaround in the middle of that decade. The old world outside and the music louder.

Most people will say yes, but that was then, and now, they are also innovative times.

Oh yes. We make ourselves believe that electric cars are really going to change, that is true. And the internet happened, which I this in the sun can write and no deadline miss. So good. Point for the internet.

But technology just to mention, of course, absolutely no innovative times. I thought I was a moment ago a certain kind of approaching boiling point to feel in the population, but I fear that the temperature already dropped.

You ask and you still wonder why. Makes you really wonder why.

Do you know what it is? There is no longer any effort made by governments and power in general to tell a story. They say they actually, literally: yes, it is true, we will rip you off where you stand. Sorry not sorry.

Panama papers, the approach of the banking crisis, the fiscal immobility, ignoring the public opinion in high profile cases. In the past there came now and then a male on tv. Had to then apologize, or at least what to explain.

Not more so.

And the population has that poker played a role and has to bluff lost. Because no one takes the effort to really chunks. The balance sheet weighs less due to the sufficiency and the very natural preference for peace and status quo.

And then I can’t help but think of my mother, and how I her during some of the full nineties teased to her hippie-parents.

Only today to say that I, perhaps really extreme costume not included, a lost hippie am. And I have long enough of a contracultuur part to contraculturen very to be able to put things into perspective, but fucking hell, they did at least some.

All was happy, on barefoot running and a middle finger to raise to the man.

A problem today is that everyone who is older than ten years that a silly attitude. Because do yet, but it’s normal, or you will not job at I know lot. KPMG. Or a fun start-up where you have an iPad Air.

Empire-building is now accepted by almost the whole population. That is too crazy for words? We have no power, well, but we’ll just really hard to do as if that is so and maybe it is ever in order.

I think of it that way people ever buildings have jumped, convinced that ‘the fly will naturally follow’.

So bring the hippies back. Disturb the order. Make it the elite is not so terribly easy. You don’t just let tell you what can and can’t do. We insure and protect our death. No one wants to be in constant chaos of life, but we are much too far blown to the other side. Insert flowers in your hair. Go somewhere on the street. And then we will once again play poker.

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