Brie Larson’s ‘Basmati Blues’ film shows Indian stereotypes, critics say

Brie Larson, who filmed “Basmati Blues” back in 2013, but has now come under fire for the film of the controversial storyline.


Before Brie Larson won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2016 or started a training as Captain Marvel, she starred in a 2013 movie that is now under fire.

“Basmati Blues”, that only guaranteed funding for the distribution deleted international trailer over the weekend after critics pointed to the social media the movie shows the Indian stereotypes.

The romantic comedy stars the 28-year-old as Linda, a American scientist sent to India to sell genetically modified rice to farmers, only to put her back against the company she works for.

Viewers were quick to criticize the film’s controversial storyline, which they believe show Larson as a “white savior.”

The whole trailer is super cringe-worthy, but I lost it when the white savior girl is putting a microscope on a moving Indian train #BasmatiBlues

— bad day (@sherinlinda) November 9, 2017

With the help of my 280. Okay, so Brie Larson is in this movie called (uhg) #BasmatiBlues (ew) and I will be damned if they can even SPEAK of Basmati (and no, it is not BAZ-MAH-TEA). White people are always gonna make cringy films about India, it is a fact, but this trailer takes the CRINGE CAKE

— Anjali Rathore (@jellibean0415) November 10, 2017

Are not enough words in the world to describe how cringe #BasmatiBlues. WHY @UTKtheINC, WHYY? “The train of progress can’t be stopped” it seems. Huge trainwreck.

— Swetha Sridhar (@swethasridhar92) November 9, 2017

It is 2017, and Hollywood still can’t figure out how to represent a culture correctly. #basmatiblues #culturaldisaster

— jasminekochar (@jasminekochar) November 9, 2017

#basmatiblues Brie Larson most disappointing choice to accept this role.For God sake you are an academy winner.

— Mahesh (@vachnamrut) November 9, 2017

#BasmatiBlues is what happens when you let white people creative freedom wrt Indian culture + how to interpret it.

— Nia C (@sleepyhollowkid) November 10, 2017

Okay, but what were the people involved in the making of #basmatiblues actually think? 2013 is only 4 years ago and I’m pretty sure we were in the past these stereotypes way.

— Roshni Nayee (@roshnayee) November 9, 2017

@brielarson #BasmatiBlues has given me food poisoning with the trailer and no consumption of food. Congratulations!

— Devaki (@devakipat) November 10, 2017

#BasmatiBlues ..Really??? You have no better topic and the title for that matter for the film? The promo is so cringey for all the wrong reasons..

— Solomon (@SolomonNani) November 10, 2017

@brielarson love ya work, but let #BasmatiBlues prosecute and stop fast! #whitesaviour roles are usually for muppets such as tom cruise, Matt Damon, etc. Not you, dear Brie!

— Katja (@k_gvozdenovic) November 9, 2017

Shout Factory, the North American distributor for “Basmati Blues,” a statement issued to Friday an attempt to explain the film’s storyline.

“We deeply regret the offence caused by the ‘Basmati Blues’ trailer’, wrote the film producer Monique Caulfield, as well as the director Than Baron. “We have heard a number of voices have understandably responded to a trailer that is not representative of the movie as a whole. Unfortunately, the international trailer has given the wrong impression of the film’s message and the heart. This film is not about an American going abroad to solve India’s problems.

“At its heart, this film is about two people who reach across cultures, the fight against greed and love. ‘Basmati Blues’ is an ensemble musical romantic comedy. The film examines our responsibility for our actions and for each other, and attempts to do it in a sympathetic way, with the help of music, comedy, and romantic.

“‘Basmati Blues’ is a love letter to multiple eras of Bollywood cinema, musicals and classic Hollywood romantic comedies. We are convinced that the film, when seen in its entirety, contributes to our appreciation and respect for India and its people.”

Reps for Larson not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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