Bridget Maasland would like the series or movies want to make

Bridget Maasland follows the study of Fiction and Director of the Amsterdam film school and would, in imitation thereof, like a movie or a series.

“Why not? Everything is possible. If you’re really committed, anything is possible,” said the 44-year-old from Maasland, in an interview in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

Maasland is almost 25 years in the televisievak and has the necessary experience in the field of presenting, but she has also played in movies and series, as Shouf shouf habibi!, Valhalla and Costa! According to her it was only a matter of time before they themselves behind the camera.

“One day in the week, I go to school. After high school I wanted to go to Film school, or the School for Journalism, but then came the TMF on my path. But the dream of making films has never faded. I’ve always known that I later, when I am big, something with film would do.”

Her ten year old son understands not well why his mother happy studying: “On a Monday morning, I was the broodtrommeltjes for my son and me ready to make, when Mees asked:” Mommy, why do you think it is so fun to go to school?’ I said, ” Because I have something now, go do what I really like. For me, going to school a party.”

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