Bridget Maasland is allowed to be creative at The Weakest Link

The role of presenter of The Weakest Link applies, Bridget Maasland well – this is love games. But the best part, she finds that the program not a copy of the previous set need to be.

“I don’t need my hair to a short cut and red dye,” says the presenter, Sunday.

Also, do they not dressed in black and each time severe, is also not a must. However, following a tap on the fingers with a remarkable response.

“I expect from my candidates that they are well prepared and that they know that they will be punished if they have a stupid answer.” To authority to radiate, wearing Maasland always a suit. “But female suits in various colours.”

The Weakest Link was eighteen years ago for the first time in the Netherlands broadcast. The former host Chazia Mourali was in her role as the image of the British tv presenter Anne Robinson.

At that time there was the contractual agreement that the program is a copy of the original with the well-known bouncer: “You are the weakest link, goodbye!”

‘How to see you?’

Because Maasland something more creative should have been in the show from may 6, RTL 4 is the famous slogan also immediately changed. “It is now:” You are the weakest link, day!'”, says Maasland. “Because no matter how to see you? I see that people never return.”

Maasland, the netherlands, stressed that they are very direct, not afraid to go for opinions and certainly not afraid to collect. The candidates are given the freedom to the strict presenter of reply. “If they dare”, she adds.

Maas emphasises that the program is not aimed to offend anyone. “It’s not necessarily that I, as a presenter, someone wants to attack and something negative to say. It’s more that you’re watching and you think: jeez, what’s with that crazy hairstyle. And I translate at this point, only what you think.”

‘I must be extra hard working’

Not all participants appear to be easy in handling, says Maasland. “Sometimes they are busy to participate, and to respond to what I say. Then it is an interaction. I also once experienced that I really to a dead horse was pulling … And it came just not, of all nine candidates.” Maasland says that “it really is a fun episode” has become, but that they are “extra hard” for was to work.

Despite the hard work – she is twelve hours a day working on two episodes – is the host happy that they not on the other side. “Fortunately, I am not a candidate, that I would be very scary. I still have anxiety from school, so I am very afraid to be judged and to fail.”

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