Bridezilla make a dangerous request of her maid of honor, ” I’m going to stumble around like a blind idiot!’

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As a bride-to-be, apparently, don’t understand why people have to wear eyeglasses.

While it is normal for brides to ask their bridesmaids as to how they will look during the ceremony then it might be taking things too far. According to a very stressed out lady, and honor, and the bride-to-be are not only required that she pay for the hair extensions, but it also demanded that the maid of honor, and keep her glasses off for the ceremony and the reception.

The maid of honor, who said that she was “blind as a bat,” and posted her story on Reddit. According to her, after a very stressful commitment, is said to have lots of a bridal outcry,’ the times, the bride-to-be recently came to her with a number of unusual (and potentially dangerous) applications.

The maid of honor, took to Reddit to complain, “I don’t want to ‘mess up’ on her wedding day by wearing my glasses, but what in the world am I going to do?! I’m going to stumble around like a blind idiot.”
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According to the story, “The bride has asked me to add extensions in my hair, if I had a Bob-cut (at your own expense, of course), and claimed that I was NOT wearing my glasses at the event.”

The maid of honor, claimed they had put a lot of money at her friend’s wedding, and her insurance plan wouldn’t cover an eye doctor’s appointment. It is because they, apparently, don’t have lenses already, and they had to decide whether to wear a pair of glasses, and a distortion of the bride, or not being able to see the day-to-day. “How am I supposed to fix her train at the altar,” she said, “and you read my speech?”

The story went on, “I don’t want to ‘mess up’ on her wedding day by wearing my glasses, but what in the world am I going to do?! I’m going to stumble around like a blind idiot.”

Unfortunately, when she took her concerns to the bride-to-be, the response was not what she was hoping to hear from you. “When I explained it to her, and she quickly pointed out that all of our dresses have pockets,” the post says. “If I have to go find the restroom, and I may be in the short, be sure to look where I was going, but just to be sure, and they have to be removed before you choose the photographer to be in the area of taking pictures. I wish I had a back-up to get out of this mess for the first time, the fiance moved in. But I’m stuck right now.”

The comments on Reddit were, not surprisingly, are in favor of the maid of honor in her seat.


As a user, to declare, “This is ridiculous. Tell her that you have to wear your glasses, and if you wanted longer hair, you’d do it. They will know what you are looking for when they asked you to be in the wedding. Tell her, if that’s a problem, she needs to find a replacement.”

Another user added, “You are allowed limits here. I don’t care if she is a bride, or Queen Elizabeth. What they are asking is not reasonable, and normal.”


The others had to explain that no matter how she felt, and she wasn’t really stuck. “Have a seat. But, also, sunk costs fallacy,” one user wrote.

“If they’re really that upset about it you will be able to see it (!), I would respectfully bow out. It totally sounds like a hot mess, but I can’t see that, you’re my best friend in harm’s way for a few photos. It’s not the wearing of them is a threat and, if necessary, to add high heels to that mix, it sounds like an accident just waiting to happen.”


Another user agreed, posting, “You will not be tied down. You’re an adult, and may, at any time. Tell her it is, if you like, and your glasses, or your MOH. It is ridiculous, especially for a woman of her age.”

Another user posted, “you can Wear a pair of glasses.”

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